Your First Week

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Welcome to your first week with UCSF! This information will be useful in your first days.


UCPath is an acronym for UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping, and Human Resources.

UCPath is the payroll and HR system used by all UC campuses. The UCPath online portal provides employees with 24/7 access to view and manage payroll, benefits and human resources information. Employees can log into UCPath from any device — desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

For more information, please visit the UCPath website.

You will be able to log into UCPath once you are processed into the system. Only then can you view and update your personal information. Processing time generally takes up to 3-5 business days from your start date before you can access UCPath.

Refer to the UCPath login website to learn how to access UCPath.

Once you have successfully logged in to UCPath, navigate to Employee Actions > Personal Information to view and update your personal information. Options include:

  • Legal/lived name
  • Home/mailing address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Email addresses
  • Ethnic groups
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Other personal information (UCPath ID, date of birth, Social Security number, military status, original start date, last start date, highest education level)

You can set up direct deposit of your paycheck through the UCPath portal. Go to Employee Actions > Income & Taxes > Direct Deposit. 

  • You will need the account number and routing number for each account you would like to set up for direct deposit. 
  • No more than three direct deposit accounts can be active at any time.
  • Set-up may take up to two weeks to become effective, subject to banking and payroll deadlines.
  • You can add, edit or delete your direct deposit once per day. This means you can click the Submit Changes button once per day. Make all your direct deposit changes before you click the Submit Changes button. 

Find more information about setting up direct deposit at UCPath How to Set up Direct Deposit.

It is important to set up your federal and state tax withholdings as soon as you are able, so your payroll deductions are set up correctly.

To update your federal tax withholdings:

  • Go to Employee Actions > Income & Taxes > Federal Withholding Certificate.
  • Follow the prompts on the page and click Submit when finished.

To update your state tax withholdings:

  • For California residents:
    • Go to Employee Actions > Income & Taxes > CA State W4 (DE-4).
    • Follow the prompts on the page and click Submit when finished.
  • For non-California residents:

The UCPath Get Help page can point you to the best resource to help with UCPath-related questions and issues.

Timekeeping & payroll

Huntington Business Services (HBS) is the UCSF online timekeeping system. Use it to complete, approve and track employee timesheets and time-off leave requests in accordance with current UCSF HR pay and leave rules, policies, and labor contracts.

Access the HBS system through the UCSF MyAccess portal.

Additional information, including answers to some frequently asked questions, is available on the HBS section of the HR website.

Get tips on logging in and basic navigation in HBS on the Employee Time and Leave Reporting resource page.

It is important for employees to enter work hours and leave time before payroll processing deadlines. This ensures timely and accurate pay. Deadlines are biweekly or monthly.

For employees paid on a biweekly schedule:

  • Timesheets must be completed by the Sunday following the end of the pay period.
  • Refer to the Entering & Editing Biweekly Timesheets job aid for more information on how to enter and update your work time.
  • Refer to the Requesting, Reporting, and Changing Leave in HBS job aid for information on how to report time away from work.
  • Note: All UCSF Health and all union-represented positions are paid on a biweekly schedule. UCSF campus employees in union-represented positions also are paid on a biweekly schedule.

For employees paid on a monthly schedule:

  • Timesheets must be completed within several days of the close of the monthly pay period.
  • Employees only need to report time away from work during the prior month.
  • Refer to the Requesting, Reporting, and Changing Leave in HBS job aid for information on how to report time away from work.
  • Note: UCSF campus employees, including most academic employees, are paid monthly.

You will need to complete one pay period before receiving your first paycheck.

Review these payroll calendars to learn more about the dates for each pay period:

Pay days are highlighted in blue on each calendar.

Note: You may complete direct deposit after your first pay date. In these circumstances, the first paycheck will be mailed from UCPath Center to your home address. Delays in mail service may cause checks to arrive after the scheduled pay date.

Accessing UCSF systems

UCSF Information Technology will send you an automated message with information on setting up your email account.

You must be logged into the UCSF network to set up your email account.

As soon as you have your email account information, change your password and set up your security questions at UCSF's password management site.

Visit the Manage Your UCSF Password resource page for more information on password set-up and management. 

You will need to take two steps to set up access to the UCSF virtual private network (VPN).

  1. First, enroll in the Duo two-factor authentication system. Follow the "Enrolling your first device in Duo" instructions available on the UCSF IT Multi-factor Authentication (Duo) resource page.
  2. Next, follow the instructions on the VPN Pulse Secure Install page to install and set up your Pulse VPN access.

If you need help with setting up access to UCSF systems, contact the UCSF IT Help Desk.

Fresno Employees IT Support:

Fresno ITS Live!: Live support 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday via Zoom 

Request ITS Support: ServiceNow

ITS Main: 559-499-6660 (voicemail only)

MyAccess is UCSF's single sign-on (SSO) service. It enables users to access a variety of applications with a single login. 

Visit MyAccess to access many UCSF online services and manage your favorites.

Access to the system can take up to five business days from your start date.

For more information on other IT Services and how to access them, please review the IT Orientation resource page.

Visit the IT Security website and review important information about IT security at UCSF. Information Security Is Everyone's Responsibility.


In addition to salary, your position may also include a rich package of health, welfare and retirement benefits that adds to your total compensation. 

  • UC offers three benefits packages — Full, Mid-level and Core. Your eligibility for a particular package depends on the type of job you have, the percentage of time you work, and the length of your appointment. Please refer to your offer letter to understand the benefits package available to you.
  • For more information about what is included in your benefits package, please visit the UCSF Benefits Eligibility resource page as well as the UCNet Benefits Eligibility resource page.
  • Information about benefit contribution rates is available on the UCNet Employee Medical Plan Costs page.
  • If you’re not eligible for UC benefits, the health insurance marketplace is a great way for you to purchase medical coverage. For more information, please review the UCNet article on Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options Outside of UC.

Postdoctoral scholars have a separate benefits plan; a complete description of benefits is available on the Garnett-Powers & Associates website.

Residents and clinical fellows have a separate benefits plan. Complete description of benefits is available on the UCSF Benefits site.

Not eligible for benefits through UC? Check out options through the Health Insurance marketplace. Please see the Affordable Care Notice for more information. 

Postdoctoral scholar benefits

  • You have a 31-day period of initial eligibility (PIE) to enroll in certain benefits.
  • The Enroll in Benefits information offers step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in benefits via UCPath. If you need further assistance, contact the UCPath Center at 855-982-7284.
  • Are you enrolling in a UC-sponsored health plan in the Bay Area? UCSF employees can join One Medical at no additional cost.
  • Note: Certain benefits, such as voluntary short- & long-term disability and supplemental life insurance, are not available during annual Open Enrollment. Carefully consider enrollment in these plans during your current PIE. Enrolling in the disability plans at a future date outside of your PIE will require approval directly from the plan carrier by submitting an Evidence of Insurability application.

Residents and clinical fellows benefits are administered through PlanSource.


Wherever you’re going on campus, we’ll help get you there! Explore your commute options — start with to find options  tailored to your starting location and destination. Included are options for carpool, vanpool, public transit, biking, and more. UCSF Transportation partners with innovative carpool, vanpool, and rideshare companies to provide the best options for those who want alternatives to driving alone. Included are resources for the biking community, on-campus access to short-term scooter, bike and car rental options, as well as the Emergency Ride Home program.

See what’s new:

Free shuttles provide transportation to UCSF employees, faculty, learners, patients, patient family members, and visitors to all campus locations, including Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Mount Zion and more. Shuttle to transit connections make it easier for riders heading to/from BART and Muni.

Plan your trip:
Track shuttle arrivals & departures in real-time:

When you bike to UCSF, you’ll always find a place to easily and securely park your bike. To access secure bike parking at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, and Mount Zion, simply obtain a free UCSF bike permit. For additional security, registration stickers are required for all bicycles parked inside UCSF bike rooms, enclosures, and lockers. Plus, many Bay Wheels bike share locations are conveniently located near campus for quick and easy bike rentals.

Check out the many resources UCSF offers bicyclists:

UCSF is located in a densely populated urban environment. Employees are eligible to park on campus, and parking can be purchased by the month or the day, for added convenience and flexibility.

Find parking rates, learn how to pay for parking, and more:

Commuter benefits can add up to significant tax savings. Commuter benefits allow UCSF employees to set aside tax-free money to pay for eligible commuting expenses like public transit and parking.

New employees: Please note that it may take up to 6 weeks from your hire date for Edenred to recognize you as eligible to register in the system.

For information on how to enroll, visit

Employee safety

WarnMe is UCSF's alert and warning service for students, staff and faculty. It is activated to contact you when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. Learn more about WarnMe through the UCSF Police Department website.   

For additional information about the UCSF Police Department and its services to students, staff and faculty, please visit the UCSF Police Department website.

The UCSF Police Department offers safety escorts to members of the campus community at Parnassus Heights, Mission Bay, Mount Zion, Mission Center, and UCSF at SFGH. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To request a safety escort at a campus location, either call or stop by any security service desk, or call 415-476-1414. A police officer will provide the service.

Safety escorts also are available at all UCSF Medical Center locations (Parnassus, Mission Bay, and Mount Zion). Contact UCSF Medical Center Security Services at 415-885-7890

More information is available on the UCSF Police Department website.

Important policies & training

Please complete the following courses within your first 30 business days with UCSF:

  • HIPAA 101 — privacy and security for new UCSF faculty, staff, trainees, students and volunteers (1.4)
  • UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals
  • UCSF Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for non-supervisory staff; or UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors and Faculty, if you supervise others
  • COVID-19 Prevention Training
  • Campus Injury and Illness Prevention Program training

Health staff must also complete the following trainings:

All employees should review the following policies:

UCSF Medical Center Administrative Policies include additional policies and procedures applicable to employees working at any UCSF medical center.

  • This website is accessible to UCSF Health employees.
  • URGENT: If prompted, use site key code UCSFMedCen.
  • Dress standardsAll new employees should understand the dress standards for the position they have accepted. Before your first day on the job, discuss with your manager the dress expectations and if there are uniform requirements.
    • Employee Dress Standards Policy (included in your new hire DocuSign packet)
    • Employee Apparel Program: Eligible employees participating in the Employee Apparel Program will receive an email with login information from our vendor Mission Linen a week following the submission of your background check application. For questions on participation in this program, please discuss with your manager. If you have questions about ordering, please contact Mission Linen Customer Service at 844-619-1925 or [email protected]. Note: Supply chain issues may delay arrival of your uniform; it may not come before your start date. In this case, please work with your manager or direct supervisor to determine what is appropriate to wear temporarily until your uniform is delivered.