Occupational Health Services

UCSF Occupational Health Services is dedicated to improving the occupational well-being and safety of the One UCSF community.

Chancellor Hawgood sits next to OHS employee

Occupational Health Services

UCSF Occupational Health Services integrates medical surveillance, risk assessment, clinical occupational health services, and disability management to improve the occupational health and safety of the UCSF community.

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Injury and Return to Work

Occupational Health Services provides care for needlestick or sharps injuries, blood and body fluid exposures occurring in the course and scope of work.

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New Hires

UCSF employees complete a pre-employment screening visit with OHS before they are cleared to start work.

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Occupational Health Portal Upload

Employees can submit their compliance records as well as required screening questionnaires through the secured OHS Portal.

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Vaccines and Screenings

Essential & required vaccines, health screenings and medical surveillance are offered at OHS.

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