Find Your Bargaining Unit or Labor Contract

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Use your title code number to find your labor contract on the Title Code Series (TCS) website. Find the list of union codes at Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Classifications by bargaining unit

Blank Assistants, Clerks, Administrative Assistants, Collection Representatives, Police Dispatchers, Administrative Officer 2s

Physicians, Dentists & Podiatrists at Student Health Centers

Respiratory Therapists, Patient Care Assistants, Pharm Techs, Hospital Lab Techs, Perfusionists, Phlebotomists, Operating Room Specialists, Sterile Processing Techs, Telemetry Techs, Imaging Techs, Psychiatry Techs

Clinical Lab Scientists, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Case Managers, Nuclear Med Technologists, Counseling Psychologists, Rehab Services Specialist 4s, Behavioral Health Counselors, Speech Lang Pathologist 3s and Behavioral Health Psychiatric Professionals 


Carpenters, Electricians, HVAC Mech, Locksmiths, Painters, Plumbers, Refrigeration Mech, Security and Fire Alarm Systems Techs


Resident Physicians I, Resident Physicians II-VIII, Chief Residents and Resident Physician Subspecialty 4-8/Fellows

Clinical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists


Postdoctoral Scholars

Professional Researchers, Project Scientists and Academic Specialists

Staff Research Associates, Clinical Research Coordinators

Custodians, Food Service Workers, Shuttle Drivers

Computer Resource Specialists, EH&S Technicians, Business Support Technical Analysts and Systems Administrators

Graduate Student Researchers and Graduate Student Assistant Researchers

Resident Physicians I, Resident Physicians II-VIII, Chief Residents, Resident Physician Subspecialty 4-8/Fellows and Other Post-MD Trainees 2-8