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UCSF offers several rich benefits packages. What package you are eligible for depends on your job, how many hours you work, and length of employment. If you are unsure of your benefits eligibility, please refer to your offer letter.

Eligibility for staff & faculty benefits packages

Find eligibility information on the full benefits package in the "Full Benefits" section of the UCnet benefits eligibility page.

Find eligibility information on the mid-level benefits package in the "Mid-Level" section of the UCnet benefits eligibility page.

Find eligibility information on the core benefits package in the "Core Benefits" section of the UCnet benefits eligibility page.

Eligibility for residents & fellows benefits package

Active residents or clinical fellows working at least 20 hours a week may enroll in the UC resident medical, dental, vision, life and disability plans.

Eligibility for postdoctoral scholars benefits package

Get more information on eligibility at the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars benefits plan site.

Continuing benefits eligibility — for staff & faculty

Apart from initial benefits eligibility, regulations of the Affordable Care Act impact how UC determines ongoing eligibility for health benefits. UC’s ongoing eligibility rules require that you work a certain minimum number of hours* to maintain your benefits eligibility.

*This is defined as all hours on pay status (including hours on call, hours on paid vacation, paid holiday, paid sick leave, paid sabbatical, paid jury duty, or any other paid leave). The minimum also includes hours on unpaid leave protected by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act; unpaid jury duty; and unpaid leave protected by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

UC will determine your ongoing eligibility based on your average hours of service over a specific 12-month standard measurement period (SMP). UC’s SMP for monthly paid employees is Nov. 1 through Oct. 31. For biweekly paid employees, the SMP includes the pay periods within that same time frame. 

The required average hours of service threshold for the SMP is as follows:  

Appointment type | Average hours threshold  

Career, Academic, Limited, Partial-Year, Career, Contract, Floater | 17.5 hours per week

Per Diem, Casual/Restricted (students), By Agreement or other flat-dollar payments, Seasonal | 30 hours per week

If your hours during the SMP meet the threshold for coverage, then you will be offered coverage for the subsequent "stability period." UC’s standard stability period for all employees is Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Any percent reductions to your appointment/hours during the stability period will not impact your eligibility for the entire stability period. If you transfer from one type of appointment to another during the stability period, your benefit eligibility may be impacted.

If your hours during the SMP do not meet the threshold, then all coverage ends on Dec. 31. You then will be offered the opportunity to continue coverage for yourself and your enrolled family members through COBRA.

For more information on continuing benefits eligibility, please contact your local UCSF Benefits Office.

Affordable Care Act Notice

Not eligible for benefits through the University? Consider enrolling in a plan via the health insurance marketplace. See the Affordable Care Act notice for more details.