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Employees who voluntarily separate from employment are considered to have resigned from their University employment. Please work with your department to provide written formal notification of your voluntary resignation as soon as possible. This will allow for timely processing of your separation (minimum of 10 business days required).

Separation types

These are the different types of separations:

  • Resigning from UCSF
    • Resigning from university appointment
  • Transferring from UCSF
    • Transferring into another position within the UC system without a break in service (no gap between start and end date)
    • To ensure a smooth transition, please provide your HR contact name and email of your new UC location (this information should be provided to your department at the time of your resignation)

Separation checklist

Timesheets must be completed and approved in HBS timekeeping system at least 10 business days prior to your separation date (if timesheet is available).

It is UCSF policy that an employee must be present on their final day of employment if they are leaving the UC system (not applicable for employees who are retiring)

If you accrue vacation, Compensatory Time Off (CTO) or Paid Time Off (PTO), you will be paid for unused, accrued vacation/PTO/CTO through your last day.

If your PTO or vacation is granted rather than accrued (i.e. postdoctoral scholars, residents and clinical fellows), unused vacation/PTO will be forfeited.

Teammates are not paid for accrued, unused sick time.


If you are enrolled in UC benefits, your insurance coverage will continue through the end of the month of separation date (i.e., last date/separating on June 15, benefits will continue through June 30) provided you have paid any required employee portion of the insurance premiums.

Have questions about benefits?  

Campus: Contact Benefits Office at 415-476-1400 or [email protected]

Health: Contact Med Center Benefits at [email protected] or 415-353-4545, option 2



UCPath access after you leave UCSF: Separated employees have modified access to the UC employee portal, UCPath online, for three years after separation.

  1. Make sure you have added your personal email address to your UCPath profile before your separation date at UCSF.
  2. Registering for UCPath online former employee access
    • With modified access, former employees can:
      • print W-2 annual statements
      • view paycheck statements
      • change mailing address – for example, to keep address current to receive W-2 by mail

Important information for University of California COBRA Beneficiaries: If you do not receive a COBRA package within 30 days of your separation, please follow up with Discovery Benefits at 844-561-1338. Please note that you have 60 days beginning the date of your separation to enroll in COBRA. 

If additional COBRA resources are needed, please visit the COBRA FAQs.

Residents and clinical fellows

PlanSource, our COBRA vendor, will send the COBRA packet to the mailing address on file within 3-4 weeks from the date Campus Benefits Office enters your health plan termination date into the insurance database. 

DCP, 403b or 457b Fidelity Accounts: If you have less than $2,000 in any plan (DC, 403b or 457b) when you leave UC employment, you must request a total distribution. Contact Fidelity Retirement Services for information and account balance: 866-682-7787 or Fidelity's website. For questions regarding the retirement savings program, which includes the Defined Contribution Plan, the 403(b) and 457(b) Plans, please contact Fidelity at 866-682-7787.

If you leave UC and decide to keep your retirement plan accumulations in the plan, it’s important to keep your address up to date so UC can reach you. Please visit the following websites to review, confirm and update your contact information:

If you have at least five years of UCRP service credit and would like to discuss your UCRP benefit prior to your separation from UC employment, please contact:

UCRP questions after separation

Have questions regarding UCRP after you have separated from UC employment? Direct them to the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC).


To determine your eligibility, you must file a claim at a local office of the State of California Employment Development Department. You may file unemployment insurance claims by calling EDD at 800-300-5616 or by visiting their website.   

Please return your keys, University ID card, and any other University property to your supervisor. Please unlock/sign out of UCSF electronic devices before returning it to your direct supervisor/manager.

If your manager requires access to your email after your separation, please complete the consent form: UCSF Consent Form for Access to Electronic Communication Records.

If you are on a visa and have questions about your visa or immigration status, please contact the International Students and Scholars Office at 415-476-1773

UCSF will send a brief, anonymous exit interview survey to campus/health teammates in staff appointments who voluntarily resign from a single appointment or separate from UCSF​ (including retirees).

Our teammates are a critical part of the success of UCSF’s mission, and we strive to continually improve the environment and experience for those who work here. This survey is intended to gather feedback related to our teammates experience at UCSF.

  • Participation is voluntary but encouraged. ​
  • The survey should take five minutes or less to complete.​
  • Teammates will receive the survey link in a separation email once their manager approves the separation case.

Frequently asked questions about the exit survey

Q. Why is UCSF sending these surveys?

To gather data and learn about why people voluntarily leave UCSF, identify opportunities to improve the teammate experience, and retain teammates.​

Q. Who will receive a survey?

Initially, recipients will be teammates in staff appointments who are voluntarily separating from UCSF, including retirees. ​

Q. Is the survey confidential?

Survey responses are anonymous. Data collected from respondents will be aggregated and shared with leadership to better understand why employees voluntarily separate from UCSF.

Q. What will the data be used for?

This information will be used to understand why people voluntarily leave UCSF, as well as glean information about their teammate experience.​

Q. What are we doing with the data?

The first data point that will be collected and communicated is the survey completion rate. This will tell us how successful we are in gathering this data from separating teammates.​​

The reasons for leaving and the data on teammate experience will be shared with organizational leadership after six months of collecting data, then annually after that. Given the interest about why people leave UCSF, reporting may occur more frequently over time. ​

Q. Is the survey mandatory?

No, the survey is not mandatory. We do strongly encourage departing teammates to provide us with their feedback. This is an opportunity for UCSF to understand where we may improve our teammate experience, and leadership takes this feedback seriously. ​

Q. How will the separating teammate know they should take a survey?

Once the manager approves the separation case, this will trigger the separation email. If the separation case is indicated for resignation or retirement, the separation email will include a link to the exit survey. In situations where substantial advance notice is given, the separation email will be sent 14 days from the separation date. ​

Q. Does the teammate need an active UCSF email in order to complete the survey?

Yes. The teammate needs an active UCSF email in order to receive the separation email and the survey link. Teammates may forward that to a personal email address and complete the survey at a later time. ​

Q. How often will data be reviewed? 

Data will be summarized monthly, quarterly, and annually.​