Military Leave

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Military leave is afforded to eligible employees participating in active duty in the armed forces, full-time National Guard duty, military training and required military physical examination.


Employees who request military leave must be a member of the armed forces of the United States, including full-time National Guard duty. Military leave is granted for the following reasons:

  • Reserve training leave for inactive duty, such as weekly or monthly meetings or weekend drills
  • Temporary military leave, when ordered to active duty, for training for a period not to exceed 180 calendar days
  • Extended military leave, when an employee enlists or is ordered into active-duty service of any length or active-duty training in excess of 180 days
  • Emergency National Guard leave, when an employee who as a member of the National Guard is called to active duty by proclamation of the governor during a state of emergency. (An employee who as a member of the National Guard is called to active federal military duty at the request of the president of the United States is not eligible for emergency National Guard leave, but will be granted extended military leave.)
  • Civil Air Patrol leave, when an employee who as a volunteer member of the Civil Air Patrol is directed and authorized to respond to an emergency operational mission of the California Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
  • Physical examination leave, when an employee is required to take a pre-induction or pre-enlistment physical examination 

Job protections and pay options

Job protections

Military leave is protected under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). USERRA provides reemployment rights and protects against service-related discrimination and retaliation. An employee granted military leave with pay will receive all benefits related to employment that are granted when an employee is on pay status. 

Read more about USERRA.

Pay options

Eligible employees may be entitled to receive the employee’s regular University pay for the first 30 calendar days of such leave in any one fiscal year regular.

Employees serving on active military duty in support of an ongoing overseas military mobilization campaign may be eligible for supplements to their military pay, subject to terms found in UC's Supplement to Military Pay policy.

  • Accrued vacation, paid time off (if applicable), and/or compensatory time off can be taken in place of unpaid time off; please refer to relevant policies below.

Steps for requesting a military leave


Review Taking a Leave of Absence

Review Taking a Leave of Absence on UCnet to review your rights and available options.


Inform your manager

Employees are required to provide as much advance verbal or written notice of the need for leave as possible. Please also provide anticipated date of release from duty/expected return-to-work date. 


Submit your leave request

Submit your leave of absence request via HR Umbrella, using your personal email address. Once submitted, your leave specialist will partner with you to:

  • Confirm your eligibility for leave.
  • Complete necessary documentation which will guide you through the process and is required in order to certify your leave. This include orders for deployment and, if needed, power of attorney.
  • Determine the dates you will be on paid and unpaid status, along with options and your obligations while on unpaid status.
    • Review your options for covered pay with your leave specialist.
      • Use of accrued leave is guided by your policy or collective bargaining agreement, related to the type of leave you are taking.
      • You may also have eligibility for a supplement to your military pay.
    • If you are on unpaid status, personal payments will need to be submitted to continue your benefits coverage. You will receive a Benefits Billing Election Form from the Leave Management team.


Confirm your return-to-work date

As early as possible, contact your supervisor and the appropriate leaves contact to confirm your return-to-work date:

Ensure mandatory department compliance is completed. Talk with your immediate supervisor or manager. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with UC COVID-19 policy as well as any other required immunization and health screenings before returning to work.

All relevant UC COVID-19 policy information, FAQs, and forms are in UC's COVID-19 vaccination policy

If you will not return to work as expected, you must submit timely documentation to us outlining the additional leave period requested. Please provide the documentation before your expected return-to-work date. 


Return to work

Upon your return to work, you should:

  • Contact Campus Life Services to reinstate any voluntary deductions, such as parking, pre-tax transit, gym, vanpool, etc.
  • Take the following actions in UCPath:
    • Submit your benefit enrollment forms or enroll online to reinstate benefit coverage.
    • Review your benefit enrollments and benefits summary within 31 days after your return. 
    • Review your first several earnings statements to ensure they are correct.