Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services is dedicated to improving the occupational well-being and safety of our UCSF employees, faculty and staff. 

What we do

The Occupational Health Services department provides the following services to our UCSF employees, faculty and staff:

  • Immunizations 
  • PPD/TB screening 
  • Work-related health screenings 
  • Pre-employment screening and exam 
  • Work-related acute injury/illness medical care 
  • Return-to-work clearance 


Robert Kosnik portrait
Robert Kosnik, MD Medical Director
Rahmat Balogun portrait
Rahmat Balogun, DO Assistant Medical Director








Advanced Practice Providers

Diana Allocco portrait
Diana Allocco, RN-BSN, MSN, FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner Supervisor
Cathy O'Connor portrait
Cathy O'Connor, PT, MS, MSN, AGNP-BC Nurse Practitioner
Liliana Teves Sierra portrait
Liliana Teves Sierra, MSN, FNP-BC Nurse Practitioner








Clinical Team

Grace Domingo portrait
Grace Domingo, RN, BSN
Bei Kong portrait
Bei Kong, RN, MSN
Giselle Loi portrait
Giselle Loi, RN, MSN, PHN
Olga Lozato portrait
Olga Luzato, RN, BSN







Cindy Swickard portrait
Cindy Swickard, RN
Selome Leake, RN
Selome Leake, RN
Claudia Farris portrait
Claudia Farris, MA








Tisha Bertlow portrait
Tisha Bertlow Administrative Director
Lady Mineses portrait
Lady Mineses Interim Practice Manager
Sonia Miller
Sonia Miller WorkStrong Coordinator
Dyan Ruelas
Dyan Ruelas Administrative Officer, UCSF Fresno








Practice Coordinators

April Andrews (not pictured)

Bo Bo Fung portrait
Bo Bo Fung
Iris Hill portrait
Iris Hill
Vincent Lee portrait
Vincent Lee
Shelly Liu portrait
Shelly Liu







Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez
Linda Jimenes Nieves
Linda Jimenes Nieves