Workers' Comp Payroll Rate Falls Again

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Workers' Comp Payroll Rate Falls Again

Five-year drop results in campus savings of $6 million

The UCSF campus workers' compensation rate will decrease from .56 to .51 per $100 of payroll for fiscal year 2022/23 — a reduction of 8.9 percent. The total insurance rate, including the Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) program, will be .55/$100 of payroll.

The decrease will result in a projected savings of about $1,362,000 for the campus. This is the fifth consecutive year that the payroll rate has decreased, resulting in an overall savings of about $6 million. UCSF’s rate is significantly lower than the UC campus average, and is the second lowest in the UC system.

Managers and supervisors have an active and sustained role in helping us manage the workers’ compensation program. These results show the impact made by ensuring and bringing attention to safety in the workplace. We look to you to:

  • Monitor and correct hazards in the workplace and work with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) to mitigate existing and/or new hazards.
  • Encourage new employees to complete the office and remote work online ergonomics evaluations.
  • Ensure employees take required safety training and use required personal protective equipment.
  • Actively work with us to accommodate temporary work restrictions to reduce the need for payment of temporary disability benefits and facilitate return to work.
  • Look to internal safety practices and foster a culture of safety.

Disability Management Services (DMS) also acknowledges our strong partnership with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and Occupational Health Services (OHS) in helping to maintain a safe work environment and provide exceptional care when incidents do happen.

DMS will continue to actively partner with you to manage and mitigate risk and implement workplace accommodations. We appreciate your continued partnership in these very important areas. Use Find My Campus HR Representative to identify your DMS analyst or call us at 415-476-2621.