Updated Guidance on International Telework

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Updated Guidance on International Telework

UCSF does not permit faculty, academic personnel and staff to telework from a location outside of the United States for any length of time, except under special circumstances. 

UCSF has released updated guidance on employees working outside the United States. 

UCSF employees may work from foreign countries while conducting UCSF-related business, such as attending a conference or visiting a research site. However, working abroad without a specific UCSF-determined business purpose is not allowed as employees working outside the United States present significant legal risk to The Regents of the University of California.  

See the UCSF guidance and Frequently Asked Questions about how this guidance applies in different work and personal scenarios. 

Employees should discuss their specific circumstances with their managers and department leaders. For additional help or questions, campus employees can contact your HR rep and health employees can contact the Customer Experience Center. Faculty should contact their school's Deans Office, Academic Affairs for exemptions requests.