UCSF Centralizes Benefits Office

UCSF Centralizes Benefits Office

Changes go into effect Jan. 21.

The UCSF Campus & Health Benefits Offices will combine into one centralized UCSF Benefits Office on Jan. 21. When contacting the UCSF Benefits Office, all UCSF employees should email [email protected] or call 415-476-1400 as of Jan. 21.  

Centralizing into one team is part of HR’s ongoing effort to align with UCSF’s ‘One HR’ model and positions us to provide enhanced, timely, and consultative benefits support to the entire UCSF population. It also aligns our delivery of services with industry-proven models. The impact and benefits of these changes will: 

  • Ensure equitable benefits service delivery for all UCSF employees and managers. 
  • Provide for better alignment with the Benefits Office’s external and internal partners.
  • Standardize how all UCSF employees can access critical benefits team services and support.
  • Maximize employee education, visibility, and utilization of their benefits portfolio.

For questions or feedback about these changes, please contact Cameron Smith, Interim Benefits Manager. 

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