New Video Resource Explains UCSF's Recruitment Lifecycle

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New Video Resource Explains UCSF's Recruitment Lifecycle

The series of short videos answers questions frequently asked by hiring managers.

UCSF’s Talent Acquisition group has partnered with Learning and Organizational Development to develop a series of “micro learning” training videos on the recruitment lifecycle at UCSF. These videos are a quick and easy way to further your knowledge about recruitment at UCSF, and can be found on both the HR and UC Learning Center (MyAccess required) websites. 

The first three in the series, designed to educate on key milestones at the beginning of the recruitment lifecycle at UCSF, are now available. The videos provide hiring managers with an engaging and bite-sized resource that answers frequently asked questions and sheds more light on UCSF’s process for recruiting, strategy, and partnership with our customers and prospective employees.

Currently available videos include:

Hiring managers and anyone involved with hiring at UCSF can expect to find answers to common questions, scenarios, and more. This series touches on key concepts that ensure both department leaders and candidates have a positive selection experience. 

Upcoming videos will discuss interviews and reference checks, extending offers, how to use BrassRing and PeopleConnect, and more. 

See Videos: The Hiring Lifecycle at UCSF for more information. Check back for additional videos that will be included.

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