Appointment Renewals - Planning for FY23 Year-End

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Appointment Renewals - Planning for FY23 Year-End

Completing appointment renewals in a timely manner is important to avoid disruptions to pay, benefits and system access.

Renewals for campus staff appointments as well as staff and academic affiliates occur throughout the calendar year. Since a larger volume of renewal requests often occurs at the end of the fiscal year, we are sharing some timely tips to help departments plan.

Appointments are set up to end automatically on the designated end date, and it is important to take action in order to avoid any disruptions to the employee’s pay, benefits and/or systems access. Reviewing and submitting renewals for represented staff will also ensure that employees continuing beyond the end of the fiscal year will be included in any applicate union wage implementations slated for July 2023.

If you have any questions about staff appointment renewals, please reach out to your Staff Shared Services teams. If you have questions about affiliate appointments, please reach out to the appropriate Shared Services team.  You can find your designated team using the Find Your HR Representative tool.