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Huntington Business Systems (HBS) is our online timekeeping system. It is used by academic and administrative staff, exempt and nonexempt. Find more information in the Quick-Start Guide or detailed Employee Time and Reporting Guides

Frequently asked questions

The preferred sign-on method for HBS is through MyAccess. If MyAccess is unavailable, use the direct HBS weblink.

For additional information, please see logging into HBS. You must use UCSF's virtual private network (VPN) to access HBS outside the UCSF network. For help with VPN, visit UCSF IT VPN.

Review all training materials under HBS for Employees.

If you supervise others and/or approve timesheets, please review all training materials under HBS for Employees as well as HBS for Managers. Timesheet approvers also should complete the HBS Managers eCourse.

Upon logging in, you will see either a monthly or biweekly interface. For an example, please review the UCSF Controller's Office's Determining Employee Pay Frequency.

Monthly employees do not report hours worked, only time off when taken in full-day increments. Log on to HBS to report vacation/paid time off/sick hours taken.

Timesheets for biweekly employees must reflect hours worked as well as any hours taken as vacation/PTO/sick. Exempt biweekly employees report time off only when taken as a full day. Worked hours for biweekly timesheets may:

  • be pre-populated with a standard work schedule
  • require the use of a badge reader or WebClock to enter time worked
  • require the employee to log into HBS to manually enter hours

Please contact your manager if you are unsure how your hours are recorded in HBS. Hours must be entered prior to the pay period close to ensure timely pay.

For more information on how to report time, please see the following job aids:  

Monthly paid employees

  • Timesheet opens 14 calendar days prior to the first day of the month.
  • Deadline for employees is the fifth business day of the following month.
  • Manager approvals are due no later than the seventh business day of the next month.

Biweekly paid employees

  • There are always two open biweekly periods in HBS.
  • Deadline to submit timesheets is midnight Sunday following the pay period end date.
  • Deadline for timesheet approvers is midnight Monday following the pay period end date.

If the submission timesheet deadline has passed and you need to make corrections to hours worked or vacation/PTO/sick taken, you will need to submit a request to correct your timesheet.

For UCSF Health employees, please complete the Time Maintenance Form (TMF) to increase or decrease the total number of hours or change pay type. Completed forms should be submitted to [email protected]. HBS will then process the adjustment with UCPath.

For UCSF campus employees, please complete the appropriate HBS Timesheet Change Request form, choose either the monthly or biweekly form, and submit to your manager.  Once your manager has approved, the completed document should be submitted through PeopleConnect by manager or department liaison. HR will review the change and communicate any inaccuracies. Approved inquires will be submitted to HBS for processing with UCPath.

UCSF campus timesheet change request forms

Missed timesheets may impact pay and take up to 10 business days to resolve. If you believe you have a pay error or missed pay, please discuss with your manager or department liaison as soon as possible.

  1. If or when applicable, notify your supervisor of the necessary historical change:
    1. Why the change is needed and was not reflected on the original timesheet
    2. What change is needed
    3. Correct pay period to which the change applies
    4. Complete the appropriate HBS Timesheet Change Request form (in Additional Resources), choose either the monthly or biweekly form, and submit it to your supervisor.
    5. When notified by the supervisor that the change has been applied to the history timesheet, review the change and communicate to Human Resources whether or not the change is accurate.
  2. When notified by the supervisor that the change has been applied to the history timesheet, review the change and communicate to Human Resources whether or not the change is accurate.

HBS may display warnings, notifications or errors. A timesheet containing errors cannot be submitted. Please review the quick reference guide HBS Timesheet Notifications, Errors, and Warning Codes to learn more about the differences between a warning, notification and error, and how to correct your timesheet if needed. 

Depending on when you review your balances, UCPath and HBS may differ. 

UCPath is the system of record for accrual balances. HBS is the timekeeping system we use at UCSF to report time off and/or time worked. HBS balances include leave taken as it is entered in the timecard and will sync with UCPath monthly. 

View balances via HBS

  1. Please log in HBS via MyAccess or  https://hbsweb.ucsfmedicalcenter.org/tpweb/.

  2. From the Employee Tasks tab, select Balances.

  3. Time off box will appear and display balances. You may click links under Category to view balance details.

View balances via UCPath

  1. Please log in to UCPath

  2. From the Dashboard, scroll down to the center of the page and select Employee Actions > View Leave Balances.

  3. Review Absence Balance box will appear and display balances.

For basic questions about your timesheet, please contact your manager and/or department liaison. 

If you need additional HR assistance, please log into PeopleConnect & submit a request via Ask a Question (Contact HR).