File a Grievance or Complaint

Questions? Contact Labor and Employee Relations


A grievance is a written complaint by a represented employee or group of employees, or a union alleging violation of the collective bargaining agreement. There is a separate process by which policy-covered employees may file a formal complaint.

Employee actions

If you are a represented employee and believe that there has been a violation of the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, you may be eligible to file a grievance. Contact your union representative for further information.

Policy-covered employees may be eligible to file a complaint under Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)–70: Complaint Resolution.

Relevant collective bargaining agreements

Find out the collective bargaining agreements for represented employees at UCSF.

Policy-covered employees

PPSM-70: Complaint resolution process

UCSF supports the resolution of employee complaints based on a complaint procedure that facilitates a fair and equitable review of issues that may arise during employment with the University.

A formal complaint is a written claim by an employee regarding a specific management action(s) that is alleged to have:

  1. adversely affected that employee’s existing terms and conditions of employment in a material way, or
  2. adversely affected that employee’s existing terms and conditions of employment in a material way and violated a provision of the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM).

For more information, including deadlines for filing, review Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)-70: Complaint ResolutionUCSF Implementing Procedures — PPSM-70: Complaint Resolution is a local procedure that corresponds to PPSM-70 and should be read in conjunction with the policy. Download the complaint form here. For questions please reach out to [email protected].


Any employee seeking to file a complaint about harassment and/or discrimination based upon a protected classification, and retaliation based upon protected activity, please reach out to the Office of Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination at [email protected]. The OPHD website contains additional contact information and the complaint form.

Whistleblower protection/retaliation

Any employee can report improper governmental activities, including retaliation, through the UCSF Whistleblower Office at 800-403-4744.  You can find further information on the Whistleblower Hotline website.  

You may also reach out to the Retaliation Complaint Officer at [email protected]