Grieving during the Holidays: Understanding and Preparing for the coming month(s)

Join us for the FSAP Wellness Webinar, Grieving during the Holidays: Understanding and Preparing for the coming month(s).


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Grieving can be difficult, and it can become even more challenging during the holiday season. Whether you observe winter holidays or not, whether your loss is recent or from years past, whether it involves a person or a pet, or even if you're looking to support someone else through their grief, this talk is designed to help and offer insights. We'll explore why the holidays can intensify feelings of loss and discover strategies for navigating this season as part of your journey toward healing.


Presenter: Shahrzad Nouraini, PsyD, MSc, MA, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Shahrzad Nouraini (she/her) is a postdoctoral fellow with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program. She earned doctoral and master’s degrees (PsyD, MA) in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, as well as a Master of Science in psychology from University of Surrey in England and a Master of Arts in sociology from the University of Hawaii. Dr. Nouraini completed her pre-doctoral internship at CPMC’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, where she supported both client and team wellness. Dr. Nouraini has also trained with the City of Berkeley’s Mobile Crisis Team, outpatient clinics and schools throughout the Bay Area, and at an addiction recovery clinic for the National Health Service in London, England. Prior to entering the psychology field, Dr. Nouraini worked with front-line workers and administrators in international and local nonprofit organizations. Dr. Nouraini’s professional curiosities include the long-term impacts of childhood experiences, grief in its many forms, cultural understandings of health and wellbeing, and the role of unconscious processes in daily life. She works from a relational, culturally focused, psychoanalytic orientation.