FSAP Wellness Webinar: Unlocking Self-Expression - Exploring the Transformative Power of Journaling

FSAP's February Wellness Webinar focuses on exploring the transformative power of journaling. 


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Journaling offers a wealth of health benefits supported by scientific research. In this webinar, we will explore the essence of journaling, delve into the insights provided by scientific literature, and explore three distinct journaling methods that you can readily incorporate into your life. During the session, Dr. Bob will guide you through various journaling exercises at different intervals. 

Rest assured that your journal entries are entirely private, as this is a personal journey of self-discovery and reflection. Be sure to join with a pen/pencil and paper/journal. 

This webinar is designed for faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and postdocs. No prior journaling experience is necessary; all UCSF employees are welcome to join to experience the benefits of this transformative practice.


Speaker bio: Dr. Nicolas Bob (he/him) is a fellow with the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). He has worked in several community mental health and medical settings supporting youth, adults, couples, and families. Dr. Bob's therapeutic philosophy centers on helping clients establish connection with their values and approaches his therapeutic work from a nonjudgmental, culturally humble stance. 

Beyond individual care, Dr. Bob has a passion for enhancing the well-being of both teams and individuals within institutions, which naturally led him to become a part of the FSAP team. He holds immense gratitude for the connections he forms with individuals and strives to ensure that they never feel alone on their well-being journey.

Join him in an engaging exploration that can enhance well-being and growth.

Nicolas Bob holds doctoral and master's degrees (PsyD, MA) in clinical psychology from the John F. Kennedy School of Psychology at National University in Pleasant Hill, California, and a bachelor's degree in psychology from UC Berkeley.