Appointment & Recruitment Processes for Faculty/Non-Faculty Academic

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Read about the recruitment and appointment process for faculty and non-faculty academic employees.       

Recruitment and search

UCSF is an equal opportunity employer. Open recruitment ensures that a diverse pool of qualified internal and external applicants are considered for vacant faculty and non-faculty academic positions. If you are unsure which positions fall within this the faculty and non-faculty academic titles, download the UCSF Academic Title Codes to find the titles/title codes.

The Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs (VPAA) facilitates the recruitment, development, mentoring, and retention of the highest-caliber diverse faculty.

Visit the UCSF Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs website for information on the Academic Recruitment Process.

Recruitment employee steps



Refer to the UCSF AP Recruit system for open positions and information on how to apply.



If you feel you meet the requirements of the job posting, submit your employment application through the UCSF AP Recruit system.


Mind the details

Make sure you submit all required documentation described in the job posting.

Timeline and more


The current Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) states up to 20 days to open a search. Once opened, the minimum posting periods are as follows:

  • For a faculty recruitment: 30 days
  • For a non-faculty academic (NFA) recruitment: 15 days

The recruitment period can be impacted by the following variables:

  • Review of the applicant pool
  • Response rate to job posting
  • Schedule timelines of candidate interviews and committees
  • Approval of the search-close document


  • Hiring departments may contact you with questions or to move you forward in the process.
  • Only complete applications submitted through UCSF AP Recruit will be considered. Curricula vitaes (CVs) received by fax or email will not be considered.
    • All internal (employees currently working at UCSF) and external candidates must apply through the UCSF AP Recruit system.
  • Make sure you submit a current CV with your application.

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This content pertains to all faculty and non-faculty academics except for volunteer clinical faculty and visiting scholars (APM 430).

An approved appointment is required for your academic employment at UCSF. Your academic appointment is processed through the UCSF’s Advance system and is routed through approval authorities prior to implementation.

Timelines, required documentation, and steps may vary depending on the type of appointment.

Appointment employee steps


Offer letter

Sign your offer letter and return it according to the instructions outlined in the letter. If requested by UCSF HR Academic Shared Services, you will need to provide the academic generalist with your legal name and date of birth.


Reach out to your department

On signing your offer letter, reach out to your department contact or administrator for information about departmental internal processes and other information that may not be included in your offer letter.



Once Human Resources has created your employee ID number, you will be able to create a MyAccess account. You will then sign into the Advance system (UCSF’s appointment system) using your new MyAccess account.


Prepare your documentation

When you receive the email from your academic generalist, you will need to prepare/provide documentation for the appointment packet using Advance:
  1. Follow the email instructions from your academic generalist regarding required materials.
  2. Respond by the requested deadline that is listed in the emailed instructions.
  3. Work with your academic generalist throughout the packet process to ensure it is complete.



When the department finishes its review of your packet in Advance, you will receive an email notification. You will then have seven calendar days to review your appointment packet before it is submitted to the Academic Affairs office for review.

Appointment tips

  • This is a time-sensitive process, please submit all requested documents in a timely manner; otherwise; your start date could be delayed.
  • For more guidance, review the following resources on the Academic Affairs website:
  • To ensure a prompt response, inform your referees that they will receive their request via an automated email.
    • Note that a separate packet will be required for credentialing, if applicable.
  • Thoroughly review all information in your appointment packet and make any necessary corrections.
  • The Advance system is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac and is supported by Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Using a browser that is not on this list may result in display or functionality issues.
  • Once the appointment packet has been approved, you will receive an email notification from the Advance system
    • Note: You will also receive an email if there are any open issues regarding your packet.
  • In some instances for a faculty appointment, a temporary packet will be required in addition to your permanent appointment packet. A temporary appointment packet is necessary when there is not enough time to process and approve a full permanent appointment packet. If you are notified of the need for a temporary appointment packet, you will be required to submit requested documents for two separate packets. Once your permanent appointment packet is approved, it will be effective retroactive to your date of hire and will override the temporary appointment title.

Recall appointment

Recall appointments serve the essential academic needs and interests of the University by allowing campuses to employ retired academic appointees on renewable term appointments. If you are a former UC employee (in an academic title) who is receiving a monthly retirement benefit or received a lump sum cash out from the University of California Retirement Program (UCRP), you may be eligible to be rehired on a part-time basis (no greater than 43% appointment) into a recall appointment. In this recall title, you may be hired for teaching, research or administrative service in an academic title, which may be paid or unpaid.

Recall employee steps


Negotiate terms

Make a verbal or written request and negotiate or confirm the terms of your recall appointment with the department.


Submit materials

Following the email request for materials from your academic generalist, you will need to upload the required packet materials in the Advance system.



If you do not have an emeritus appointment and are therefore separated in our payroll system, you will need to continue with the following steps:
  • When requested, complete the online New Hire ePacket materials via DocuSign.
  • Attend an Academic New Employee Onboarding (NEO) session and complete the rehire payroll forms.
  • Follow the regular onboarding.

Timeline and more


The date of hire of your recall appointment may occur no earlier than 30 days following your retirement date.

Your recall appointment requires approved appointment packet via the Advance system prior to your effective start date. Therefore, the department’s requests for recall appointments should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the desired effective date.

Note: Campus administrators may only make a pre-retirement recall agreement with academic appointees who have achieved UCRP normal retirement age, which includes those who are age 60 or older and who have five years of service credit.


Follow all instructions noted in the email request for materials from your academic generalist.

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