Newly Hired


Details about the benefits offered by UCSF can help you make important choices about your options for both you and/or your family. You will need to finalize your enrollments within the first 31 days of your date of hire.

Benefit actions

UC offers a wide range of benefit programs for eligible employees. Within your first 31 days as a new employee or becoming newly eligible for benefits, enroll yourself and your qualifying dependents in the programs that are right for you and your family.  

Key things to consider and remember


Review your new hire offer letter and welcome kit

Every new employee has various paperwork to review and complete.  Reviewing your new hire offer letter is important as it provides information regarding your benefits eligibility which is key to understand which benefits programs you are able to select and enroll in. 

You may receive a printed welcome kit that includes benefits specific information pertaining to you. 

Carefully review this information to help aide you in the decision-making process and the important choices you will need to make.


UCPath Benefits Webinar

Attend a live UCPath Benefits Webinar to ask questions and learn more about your benefit choices and UC's benefits programs.  You may also watch a pre-recorded webinar session.

Access webinars


Selecting a medical plan

Choosing and selecting a medical plan that is right for you and/or your family's needs is an important decision.  First, explore your medical plan options via UCnet and the UCPath Benefits Webinar

After attending and learning your basic options, talk to an expert. Contact the Health Care Facilitator Program to arrange a personal consultation.


Dental plans

There are two dental plan offerings — Delta Dental PPO and Delta Care USA HMO. Make sure you know the difference between these two and that you enroll in the plan that's right for you. 

Delta Care USA HMO has a limited network of providers available in the Northern California area. If considering enrolling in Delta Care USA HMO, we advise that you contact Delta Care (800-422-4234) or use the provider search tool to confirm that there are several providers available in your area prior to enrolling in this plan. 


Voluntary short- and long-term disability

Carefully consider enrolling in these coverages within your first 31 days as a new hire. These plans are available to enroll in only as a newly hired employee. These benefits are not available as open enrollment options or selections.  

Voluntary short- and long-term disability


Flexible spending accounts (FSA)

Set aside money on a pre-tax basis for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses and/or dependent day care or caregiving expenses.

More on FSAs


Enroll in benefits

Enroll in your health and welfare benefits via UCPath within your first 31 days as a new hire. This 31-day window is known as your period of initial eligibility (PIE). Refer to your offer letter on how to make your benefits enrollments in UCPath.  For questions about the processing of your benefits enrollments, contact UCPath.


One Medical

If you are enrolling in a UC-sponsored health plan in the Bay Area (such as the UC Blue & Gold plan), you can join One Medical at no additional cost.

Learn more about One Medical


Paychecks/earning statements

Carefully review your paychecks/earnings statements to ensure accuracy.



Enrolling dependents onto your benefit plans? Watch for a mailing from UnifyHR to verify your family members.


Open enrollment

Open enrollment takes place each autumn. Changes made during the annual open enrollment period take effect Jan. 1 of the following year.