HR Governance

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UCSF Human Resources engages with client groups to provide input, guidance and feedback on the strategic initiatives that drive our priorities in support of One UCSF. Here we introduce those groups and their purpose.

About governance groups

These client governance groups advise on priorities, performance and services for HR. Each group's charge and membership follow. Additionally, ad hoc groups are convened to partner on specific initiatives and projects.

As part of governance group membership, stakeholders are asked to:

  • Attend meetings and represent their own and constituent feedback.
  • Ensure diverse perspectives are included in their feedback/input.
  • Gather input from colleagues/constituents to provide feedback and share back relevant HR Advisory Board issues and outcomes.

HR governance groups


The HR Advisory Board advises the senior vice president/associate vice chancellor, Human Resources, on priorities, performance, and services to support UCSF’s talent management strategy. Input may identify gaps or improvement opportunities. Specifically, the board will be asked to:

  • Provide feedback on alignment of talent strategy with UCSF-wide goals and objectives
  • Review talent management and workforce metrics to identify enterprise talent management priorities
  • Review customer survey results and service partnership agreement data to identify HR service strengths and opportunities
  • Advise on new and/or anticipated customer need
  • Provide input on communication approach to different teammate audiences and their needs
  • Provide input on technology strategy; align with HR IT Steering Committee as needed

Current members*

  • Brooks Bigart, Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion
  • Janhavi Bonville, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost's office
  • Stuart Heard, faculty representative 
  • Kelly McNeill, School of Medicine CAO
  • Erica Rajabi, Women’s Health
  • Cecilia Chang, School of Nursing
  • Becky Daro, Finance and Administrative Services
  • Eunice Stephens, School of Dentistry
  • Shay Strachan, Health Strategy and Affiliates Network
  • Eva Ihle, Academic Senate Representative
  • Jane Wong, Information Technology
  • Alesia Woods, School of Pharmacy
  • Samantha Yee, School of Medicine
  • Human Resources: Corey Jackson, Jeff Chiu, Stephanie Collins, J. Michael Lane, Patrick McClain and Katharine Tull

*Members serve two year terms


Ensure a balance of user perspectives when evaluating where to invest or focus; identify opportunities to improve customer and client experience with HR systems; provide feedback and recommendations that will be incorporated into HR governance activities and planning cycle.

Current members

  • Andrea Mejia, UCSF Health, Cancer Center 
  • Carrie Gatlin (co-chair), Information Technology Services
  • Ed Chen, Department of Medicine
  • Joann Florendo, UCSF Health, Nutrition and Food Services
  • Katharine Tull (co-chair), Human Resources
  • Kristin Chu, UCSF School of Medicine Technology
  • Maggie Lam, UCSF Global Health Sciences
  • Maurine Coco, UCSF Health, Rehabilitative Services
  • Olena Akerman, UCSF EVCP Business Services
  • Shylah Hamilton, UCSF Controller’s Office
  • Shauna Strong, Campus Life Services/Finance and Administrative Services
  • Wendy Gamboa, University Development and Alumni Relations
  • Samantha Yee, School of Medicine 
  • Kevin Weil, Human Resources
  • Mike Panion, Surgery