About This HR Service

UCSF Medical Center's most valuable resource is its employees. The Compensation team strives to develop pay and reward programs to attract, motivate, and retain outstanding staff to carry out the mission of the Medical Center. Compensation uses a structured, consistent process to deliver services. Collaboration and a partnership with management are key to delivering successful business solutions, while ensuring fair and equitable practices across the institution.

Compensation provides consultative, research, and analytical services to:

  • Develop and administer UCSF Medical Center compensation practices and processes in accordance with University of California system-wide policies.
  • Develop and implement rewards strategy, merit and equity pay guidelines, bonus plans, pay administration guidelines, market survey analyses, and job classification processes.
  • Assist management in job design and position classification structure.
  • Participate in salary surveys to obtain competitive pay data and practices.
  • Interpret Federal Wage and Hour Laws and University of California salary policies.
Recruitment/Filling a Vacant Career PositionRecruitment
Requesting or Extending a StipendClassification and Compensation
Classification of PositionsClassification
How to Post a JobRecruitment
Incentive Award Program (IAP)Classification and Compensation
Equity ReviewClassification and Compensation
Merit IncreaseClassification and Compensation
Compensation (General)Classification and Compensation
Leslie Golden
Compensation Manager
Varvara Layko
Compensation Coordinator
Joshua Naftel
Compensation Supervisor
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Ailyn Jung
Carlos Mendoza
Compensation Analyst
Compensation Analyst

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