Career Tracks Overview for UCSF Campus and UCSF Health Employees

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Career Tracks is a University of California system-wide initiative to review and develop common job standards for classifying non-represented staff positions into specific Job Families and Functions. This approach provides a better understanding of job duties and is more closely aligned with practices in the labor market, which supports transparent job evaluation decisions. 

Career Tracks will help the UCSF Campus and UCSF Health:

  • Standardize job classification levels, job descriptions, and positions system-wide.
  • Prepare job descriptions more quickly and easily.
  • Provide transparency within and across job families/functions.
  • Understand and explain the similarities and differences among specialties and levels.
  • Easily identify specific types of positions across both campuses.
  • Provide development paths - matrices show progression of levels.
  • Compare specific titles to the labor market when matching jobs to survey data.

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Campus Implementation - click here to learn more

UCSF Campus Human Resources has partnered with the Office of the President and the Career Tracks Advisory Committee to determine a feasible implementation plan with an effective date of November 2016 for all new titles.


UCSF Health Implementation - click here to learn more

UCSF Health Human Resources will have a phased implementation by job function. Anticipated go-live dates will range from June 2016–December 2017.

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Kellie Beale
Compensation Manager
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UCSF Health

Leslie Golden
Sr. Compensation Specialist
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Ailyn Jung
Compensation Analyst
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Carlos Mendoza
Sr. Compensation Analyst
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