About This HR Service

Compensation and Strategic Rewards partners with campus clients to deliver effective compensation and rewards programs tailored to advancing UCSF as an employer of choice. These programs serve as a catalyst for first-rate organizational performance by defining equitable pay and metric-driven rewards and incentives.

Compensation Philosophy
UCSF should strive to provide a total compensation package (salary and benefits) that allows us to recruit and retain critical talent in a competitive workforce market. UCSF’s pay range strategy is to align salary range mid-points with market median pay, with the goal of structuring individual pay, within each range, relative to consideration of varying levels of experience, education, and performance. In general, employees with limited to journey level experience and satisfactory performance should be situated below range mid-points and staff who possess senior level experience, exceptional skills, and superior performance should progress above salary range midpoints. Managing salaries of current staff to achieve these objectives is accomplished primarily using the merit and equity programs. Benefits programs are developed at the UC systemwide level.

Compensation and Strategic Rewards provides consultative, research, and analytical services in the areas of:

  • Organizational design, job evaluation, and classification
  • Equity review and salary setting
  • Reward and recognition program development
  • Policy and contract compliance

Compensation Organization Chart

Compensation Campus Client Assignments

Name Title Phone Email
Kellie Beale Compensation Manager 415/502-1217 [email protected]
Marilyn Cimahosky Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/502-8747 [email protected]
Flory Delrosario Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/502-4424 [email protected]
Emily Hong Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/476-4575 [email protected]
Candy Lam Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/502-0561 [email protected]
Ashika Nahal Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/476-1069 [email protected]
Selena Ozuna Lead Compensation Analyst  415/502-2577 [email protected]
An Phan Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/502-0612 [email protected]
Sherry Tran Lead Compensation Analyst 415/514-0496 [email protected]
Sharon Samelson  Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/514-2461 [email protected]
Melissa Ward Sr. Compensation Analyst 415/514-2254 [email protected]

3333 California St.
Suite 305
San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: 415/476-3905
Fax: 415/502-2600