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Labor and Employee Relations (LER) provides comprehensive professional services in the areas of employee relations and labor relations to a wide variety of campus clients. LER serves not only as a resource to employees, supervisors, and managers but also as UCSF's representative in labor/management interactions. We assist with the resolution of workplace problems, provide assistance in the administration of Human Resources policies and practices, collective bargaining agreements, state and federal law, and routinely assist in the role of advisor to departments all in partnership with our colleagues throughout Human Resources.

Labor and Employee Relations Campus Client Assignments

Name Title Phone Email
Shelley Patton Director 415/353-4013
Kelly Sheridan Manager 415/514-6824
Gina Abrams LER Specialist 415/353-4422
Tim Booher LER Representative 415/378-8614
Heather Borlase LER Specialist 415/514-8480
Kathryn Chan Senior LER Consultant 415/353-7322
Lori Luddington LER Coordinator 415/353-4107
Michelle Pero LER Representative 415/514-6944
Jennifer Poza LER Specialist 415/514-8430
Maria Rina-Simon LER Representative 415/353-3583
Aviva Roller LER Specialist 415/353-4854

3360 Geary Blvd.
Suite 301
San Francisco, CA 94118-3324

Campus Interoffice Mail: Box 1795

Phone: 415/353-4107
Fax: 415/353-4029

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