Disability Management

About This HR Service

Disability Management Services (DMS) provides services to the UCSF campus community including:

  • Promoting a climate of full inclusion for people with disabilities in the UCSF community 
  • Consulting with Management, Human Resources, Faculty, Staff, Residents and Postdoctoral Scholars regarding workplace disability issues 
  • Providing education and early intervention services to prevent disabling workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Assisting employees with disabilities or medical conditions with workplace supports and/or reasonable accommodations 
  • Facilitating early identification, referral, and treatment for workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Implementing UC policy and/or contract provisions regarding return to work, the interactive process, and reasonable accommodation

Disability Management Services (DMS) has three primary functions:

  • Facilitate the interactive process for reasonable accommodation requests in compliance with federal law (ADAAA), state law, (FEHA), and UC policies and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Facilitate return to work programs for employees following both work-related and non-work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Managers workers' compensation program activities in conjunction with third party administrators and occupational health providers.
Name Title Phone Email
Judy Rosen Manager 415/502-2760 [email protected]
Laura Dillon Principal Disability Analyst 415/476-0609 [email protected]
Agustin Esposito-Vigil Principal Disability Analyst 415/476-1759 [email protected]
Audra Freeman Principal Disability Analyst 415/502-1851 [email protected]
Inez Lo Coco Benefits Analyst 415/476-2621 [email protected]
Rose Ramirez Principal Disability Analyst 415/502-4713 [email protected]
Fatima White Principal Disability Analyst 415/476-4313 [email protected]
Michael Wood Principal Disability Analyst 415/476-5269 [email protected]

Laurel Heights

3333 California Street, Suite 330

San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: 415/476-2621
Fax: 415/476-2328

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