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California’s Workers' Compensation laws guarantee prompt, automatic benefits to workers injured on the job. The University of California is self-insured for Workers' Compensation.  Workers’ compensation benefits are administered by Sedgwick, our third party administrator (TPA).  The Workers’ Compensation departments at UCSF work closely with employees and management to help reduce the number and severity of work-related injuries in order to provide a safer work environment for all UCSF employees.

In the event of a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency medical facility, or call 9-911 from any campus or medical center phone for emergency assistance.

Workers’ Compensation Claims are administered by:

Box 14533
Lexington, KY 40512-4533
Fax: 1-859/280-4946
24-Hour Claim Reporting Line: 1-877/682-7778
Oakland Office Main Number: 1-510/302-3180

For more information, please contact the appropriate Workers’ Compensation office using the Contact Information link in the right hand column of this page.

You can also contact an information and assistance officer at the State Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) at 415/703-5020. Information and assistance officers provide continuing information on rights, benefits, and obligations. They assist in the prompt resolution of misunderstandings and disputes without formal proceedings to the end that full and timely benefits are furnished. Their services are available to you at no cost.

You can hear recorded information and a list of local offices by calling 800/736-7401. You can also check the local listing in the phone book under State Government Offices/Industrial Relations/Workers’ Compensation. You may also go to the DWC website and link to Workers’ Compensation. There you will find informational pamphlets approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation and distributed by the information and assistance officers.

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Name Title Phone Email
Judy Rosen Manager 415-502-2760 [email protected]
Jonas Baltazar Principal Disability Analyst 415-476-1759 [email protected]
Flora Garcia Principal Disability Analyst 415-502-1851 [email protected]
Inez Lo Coco Benefits Analyst 415-476-2621 [email protected]
Rose Ramirez Principal Disability Analyst 415-502-4713 [email protected]
Michael Wood Principal Disability Analyst 415-476-5269 [email protected]

3333 California St.
Suite 330
San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: 415/476-2621
Fax: (415)-353-3232


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