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About This HR Service

The Transaction Services Unit (TSU) enters and updates employee data in key campus systems: Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and Huntington Business System (HBS). The TSU team includes two lead transactional analysts and 10 transactionalists. TSU receives information for updating campus systems via the HR Service Request System once transactions have been reviewed by the Service Center generalists. By concentrating expertise for managing employee data in TSU, we foster efficiency and accuracy and ensure back-up coverage as needed.

The TSU processes the following transactions:

  • Change in Salary and/or Title (including retroactive adjustments)
    • Additional Pay
    • Equity
    • Promotion
    • Reclassification
    • Badge Door Access
  • Appointment/Distribution Update
    • Manual entries from the Magical PAF Machine (MPM)
    • Fund/Appointment Change
    • FSC Worksheets
    • Renewals
    • Intra-Campus Transfers
    • Campus Locator
  • Employee Status
    • Leave of Absence
  • Establishing/Ending Employment
    • New Hires/Rehires
    • Separations
    • Inter-Campus Transfers In/Out
  • HBS/Time Keeping
    • Complete User Setup
      • Assign Employee Timesheet Group
      • Schedule Defaults
      • Comp Time Election (when applicable)
      • Create and assign schedule to populate timesheet
    • Create Timesheet Groups
    • Assign Employees to Timesheet Groups
    • Delegate Authority to Timesheet Groups
    • History Timesheets Adjustment and Approval
    • Leave Balance and Month of Service adjustments
  • Payroll Processing
    • Separation Checks
    • Administrative Delay Checks
    • Retroactive pay and title adjustments
    • Monthly to Biweekly and Biweekly to Monthly adjustments
    • Manual timesheet entries

The TSU also processes Workers' Compensation Payroll for the campus and performs Residents and Fellows payroll processing for departments that have opted-in for the Trainee Payroll Recharge.

Workers' Compensation Process:

  • Update payroll system manually for every pay cycle to reduce pay for employees receiving workers' compensation payments from Sedgewick CMS. Sedgewick CMS processes workers' compensation benefits for UCSF.
  • Manually track usage of sick leave or sick leave/vacation leave depending on the option selected by the employee to supplement TTD (Temporary Disability).
  • Adjust leave balances upon return from workers' compensation.

Residents and Fellows Payroll Processing includes:

  • Entering new hire data into payroll system
  • Entering monthly funding changes into payroll system
  • Processing moonlighting payments
  • Entering separations into the payroll system
Name Title Phone Email
Hazel Atangan Analyst 415/502-1180 [email protected]
Nikko Beltran Analyst 415/502/1097 [email protected]
Esther Carmona Director 415/502-1188 [email protected]
Ann Chau Analyst 415/502-1126 [email protected]
Edward Fong Analyst 415/502-1186 [email protected]
Julie Lau Analyst 415/502-1171 [email protected]
Joy Lecue Analyst 415/502-1172 [email protected]
Olivia Lee Lead Analyst 415/502-1095 [email protected]
Mei Lieu Analyst 415/502-1101 [email protected]
Jennifer Marenco Analyst 415/502-1174 [email protected]
Carol Music Analyst 415/502-1175 [email protected]
Loraine Rivera Lead Analyst 415/502-1756 [email protected]
Sharice Young Analyst 415/502-1084 [email protected]

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