Disability Management

About This HR Service

Disability Management Services (DMS) provides services to the UCSF campus community including:

  • Promoting a climate of full inclusion for people with disabilities in the UCSF community 
  • Consulting with Management, Human Resources, Faculty, Staff, Residents and Postdoctoral Scholars regarding workplace disability issues 
  • Providing education and early intervention services to prevent disabling workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Assisting employees with disabilities or medical conditions with workplace supports and/or reasonable accommodations 
  • Facilitating early identification, referral, and treatment for workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Implementing UC policy and/or contract provisions regarding return to work, the interactive process, and reasonable accommodation

Disability Management Services (DMS) has three primary functions:

  • Facilitate the interactive process for reasonable accommodation requests in compliance with federal law (ADAAA), state law, (FEHA), and UC policies and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Facilitate return to work programs for employees following both work-related and non-work-related illnesses and injuries.
  • Managers workers' compensation program activities in conjunction with third party administrators and occupational health providers.
Name Title Phone Email
Judy Rosen Manager 415-502-2760 [email protected]
Jonas Baltazar Principal Disability Analyst 415-476-1759 [email protected]
Inez Lo Coco Worker's Compensation Analyst 415-476-2621 [email protected]
Rose Ramirez Principal Disability Analyst 415-502-4713 [email protected]
Flora Garcia Principal Disability Analyst 415-502-1851 [email protected]
Michael Wood Principal Disability Analyst 415-476-5269 [email protected]

Laurel Heights

3333 California Street, Suite 330

San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone: (415) 476-2621
Fax: (415) 353-3232

Payroll Actions Required

  • Compiles data pertaining to UC Statement for Liberty Mutual.
  • Certifies enrollment, eligibility, and salary data on UC statement.
  • Sends UC statement to employee’s department to verify payroll status (e.g., last day worked, date sick leave exhausted, last day on payroll status, etc.).
  • Electronically transmits all UC statement information to Liberty Mutual.
  • Sends instructions to employee regarding actions employee must take in order to continue insurance during, and upon return from, an approved Leave-Of-Absence.

Department Actions Required

  • Department places employee on Leave-Of-Absence (via appropriate OLPPS Entry/Update procedures). NOTE: LOA begins on the later of the following dates: The calendar day following the last day on pay status, OR, the date of disability.
  • Department provides information pertaining to UC statement (per instructions) and returns it to the Payroll Office.
  • NOTE: If/when an employee has been on leave-of-absence for six months, the home department may request that a Return-to-Work Review be conducted by Employee/Labor Relations and Disability Management Services.

    It is important that all Leaves-Of-Absence Without Pay (LWOP) be documented and processed in order to provide for:
  • System-generated notices regarding Basic (UC-Paid) Life Insurance conversion. Coverage ends following 4 calendar months while on approved LWOP. NOTE: Beginning with the end of coverage, there is a thirty-day window (only) to elect conversion. Contact UCSF HR/Benefits.
  • Necessary documentation for purposes of establishing UCRP service credit (if desired) for the period on LWOP. NOTE: Upon the return from an approved LWOP an employee may elect to buyback/establish UCRP service credit which was not accrued while off of pay status. Generally, it is most cost-effective to initiate a Leave Buyback within a three-year window upon return to regular pay status—otherwise the cost escalates. Contact UCSF HR/Benefits for more details. Employees returning to pay status from a LWOP of more than one calendar month must reinstate all insurance. Enrollment forms must be received by the UCSF Payroll Office (Box 0812) before the end of the last working day within a 31-day period upon return to pay status. Please be sure to notate: "Return from LOA [date]" on the Enrollment, Change, Cancellation form (UPAY 850) .

Disability Benefits and Claims Process

General Overview

UC provides Short-Term Disability insurance, Supplemental Disability insurance and UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) disability benefits to eligible employees. Learn more about the range of benefits.

Factsheets and Resources

Learn more about resources, policies and specific benefits related to disability which may apply to you.

UCSF Disability Claims Procedures

Please follow these specific instructions when submitting a Short-term and/or Supplemental Disability claim to Liberty Mutual. These procedures provide a clear outline of what transpires throughout the claim process. 

Note for UCSF Medical Center employees:  Please call 415-353-4545 for Medical Center Human Resources/Benefits claims procedures.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA information and guidelines for administration. 

Pregnancy Disability Leave Workshop for Campus Staff