Knowledge Bank: Hiring, Orienting, and Training a New Employee

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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

Effectively orienting new employees to their positions and UCSF is critical to establishing successful, productive working relationships. An effective orientation should:

  • Foster an understanding of the department culture, values, and diversity.
  • Help the new employee successfully adjust to the new job.
  • Help the new employee understand his/her role and how it fits into the department.
  • Help the new employee achieve work objectives more quickly.
  • Help the new employee develop a positive working relationship by building a foundation of knowledge about UCSF and the department’s mission, vision, objectives, policies, organization structure, and functions.

Relevant UC and local policies or collective bargaining agreements.

pdf Employee Policy Acknowledgement

Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Detailed guidance about the steps Employee takes to complete the action, including tips to facilitate accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Attend the scheduled HR New Employee Onboarding to complete new hire paperwork:
    1. Monday: Mission Center Building (MCB) and Laurel Heights; 9–10 a.m.
    2. Wednesday: Laurel Heights; 9–10 a.m.
    3. Bring required identifying documentation
  2. Attend New Hire Benefits orientation:
    1. Monday: MCB; 10:15–11:15 a.m.
    2. Wednesday: Laurel Heights; 10:15–11:15 a.m.
  3. Obtain ID badge at New Employee Onboarding Session.
  4. Complete required and recommended trainings during your first week:
    1. HIPAA 101 (and any additional required HIPAA modules based on your position)
      • Forward proof of completion to your supervisor
    2. HBS Timekeeping System
    3. Ergonomic Self-Evaluation
    4. Systems or department-specific trainings recommended by your supervisor


  • You will be able to access At Your Service Online three to four days after your start date.
  • Contact your supervisor with any questions about:
    • Job expectations/duties
    • Email/systems access
    • Badge access to buildings/doors/offices/labs
    • HBS Timekeeping System
  • Contact UCSF Payroll with questions about your paycheck
  • Contact the UCSF Benefits Office about your benefits and/or retirement plan
  • Use At Your Service Online to:
    • Change your mailing address
    • Access your earning statements
    • Review your benefits enrollment
    • Elect or change direct deposit for your paycheck
    • Update your beneficiaries
    • Obtain employment verification

Other information or tools that may be useful for completing the action, action such as checklists, templates, or FAQs.