Knowledge Bank: Enabling Building and System Access for a New Employee

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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

Most UCSF buildings use an electronic access system and require an UCSF ID badge for entry. Employees must obtain and wear their ID badges on UCSF property to help maintain campus security.

Relevant UC and local policies or collective bargaining agreements.

Campus Administrative Policy 150-17: Identification Cards

Detailed guidance about the steps Employee takes to complete the action, including tips to facilitate accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Attend the UCSF HR Onboarding Orientation, where you will be able to obtain your ID badge.
    • Bring a valid government-issued photo ID (e.g. passport, driver's license or state-issued ID card, etc.)
    • If you're unable to obtain your ID badge at the HR Onboarding Orientation, you may obtain one by visiting a UCSF Police Department office. Note that drop-in service for ID Cards is only available at the Parnassus campus location. See locations and hours here.
  2. Complete any department- and role-specific training requirements with your supervisor.


For UCSF campus premises, ID cards:

  • Are inactive when issued and take approximately one hour to become active after access is added
  • Replacement cards: Contact your supervisor for their approval and so they can complete a Service Request System (SRS) ticket.