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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

In accordance with University policy, vacant career positions are filled through an open recruitment process following a required posting period on the UCSF Careers website.

As an equal opportunity employer, an open recruitment ensures that a diverse pool of qualified internal and external applicants are considered for the vacant career position.

Recruiters from the Talent Acquisition Specialty Center are available to assist your department in developing recruitment, diversity outreach, and advertising strategies as well as networking with professional organizations and associations. These experienced talent acquisition specialists can assist the department in researching the resources needed for a successful recruitment. Please note that while the Talent Acquisition team has access to certain advertising resources, departments are generally responsible for advertising costs.

Requests to post a vacant career position are submitted to UCSF Human Resources via the HR Service Request System (SRS) as the transaction type Recruitment Request. Recruitment requests must first receive appropriate departmental approvals, followed by a classification review by HR Shared Services. After the classification review, the vacant career position is ready to be posted to the UCSF Careers website, launching the open recruitment period.

Forms used in completing the action.

docx Job Description/Employee Requisition Form (JD/ERF)