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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

The Temporary Employment Program (TEP) is UCSF’s internal temporary employment service, which provides departments temporary employees to work on special projects, fill in for career employees who are on vacation or leave of absence, or to temporarily fill a vacant position during recruitment.

The TEP conducts continual general recruitment efforts, particularly focused on diversity, to maintain a pool of qualified candidates available for temporary positions. All candidates interview with the TEP Recruiter, test on MS Office applications, and receive a comprehensive reference check before joining the pool.

The TEP has extensive experience filling the following temporary positions:

  • Administrative Assistants (all levels)
  • Finance and Pre/Post Award Professionals
  • Analysts (all levels)
  • Medical Administration (Coders, Billers, Front/Back office)
  • Program Assistants
  • Registered Dental Assistants / Dental Assistants

The TEP also coordinates the placement for the EXCEL internship program.

TEP employees are UCSF employees who are paid through the UCSF payroll system. Certain temporary assignments offer the temporary employee UC benefits, including vacation, sick, and holiday pay. As UCSF employees, policy and contract terms apply, which in some situations provide limitations to the duration of the assignment or the duration that a temporary employee may remain part of the TEP.