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Refer someone for UCSF employment?

UCSF is the second largest employer is San Francisco and strives to attract talented faculty and staff who mirror the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of the Bay Area.  Our ability to recruit top talent leads to a constant influx of new ideas and approaches across each of our missions: research, patient care and education.

UCSF is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.  Individuals interested in UCSF employment should submit applications via the following portals:

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Learn more about UCSF tuition reimbursement?

A regular status career employee who meets the admission requirements of the University of California (at any campus in both graduate and undergraduate programs) is eligible for a two-thirds reduction of both the University Registration Fee and the University Educational Fee for up to 9 units or 3 regular-session University courses per quarter or semester, whichever is greater. This does not apply to Summer Sessions or UC Extension courses. Contact each respective UC Admissions Office for admissions requirements.

Note that this is not administered by UCSF HR. For more information, contact the registration office of the campus you are interested in attending.

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Learn about contributing to diversity and inclusion initiatives at UCSF?

UCSF is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and is committed to enhancing an environment that includes, celebrates and serves our diverse communities.  

UCSF will champion diversity, equity and inclusion as core to our mission and will nurture and grow a culture in which everyone from all backgrounds is welcomed, supported, respected and valued.  Review the resources below to support the related UCSF initiatives.

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Find resources to help me with stress or conflict at work?

UCSF values its employees and their wellbeing and is committed to promoting mental, physical, social, and cultural balance. Working together with our partners, we strive to become a leader in health promotion programs empowering people to lead healthier, more productive lives. Use the Living Well at UCSF website to connect with resources to support employee wellbeing.

UCSF provides multiple resources to aid with stress reduction or conflict resolution at work, including:

Find out more about transit incentives?

The Campus Life Services (CLS) website can connect you with transportation resources, including: