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Plan a leave of absence (including pregnancy)?

Employees may request a leave of absence related to:

  • Pregnancy, prenatal medical care, or childbirth;
  • A serious health condition due to a non-occupational injury or illness;
  • Work-incurred injury or illness;
  • The serious health condition of a child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent;
  • Bonding with a newborn, adopted or foster-care child; and
  • Military Family Leave to eligible employees with a spouse, child, or parent on active duty or called to active duty.

You will work with your supervisor and your Leave Management representative to plan and implement your leave. For more information, contact your Leave Representative. When possible, provide your the Leave Management team and your Supervisor at least 30 days advance notice. If you learn of your need for leave fewer than 30 days in advance, you should give your supervisor notice as soon as practicable.

Additional Information: