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Obtain or replace an employee ID badge?

New hires should receive their ID badges at the time of hire when they begin employment with UCSF. Many new hires obtain their badges at the new employee onboarding session. 

For replacement badges: First obtain authorization from your manager, supervisor, or PI. They will complete a UCSF HR Service Request System (SRS) ticket. Once the payment information has been entered into the Identity Management System by designated personnel, you can visit a UCSF Police Department location to obtain the new ID badge.

For lost or stolen ID badges: Report lost or stolen UCSF ID cards immediately to keep them from being used by unauthorized individuals. The fastest method of reporting a lost or stolen ID Card is to call 415/476-1414 (24/7). Alternately you may email [email protected].

For more information, contact your HR Generalist.

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Obtain employment verification?

UCSF employment verification can be obtained by signing into At Your Service Online (AYSO). Once logged in, you can select "Employment Verification" in the "Income and Taxes" section.

Additionally, you may contact UCSF Payroll’s CO Solutions Center via email or by phone at 415/476-2126.

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Change my name?

Once you have obtained a new social security card reflecting your new name, contact your HR Generalist to complete all necessary paperwork. If you don’t have a social security card, then you will need to provide updated versions of your work authorization documentation reflecting your new name.

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