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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

The goal of the return-to-work (RTW) process is to facilitate an employee’s ability to return from full or partial leave, with or without accommodations.

Detailed guidance about the steps Employee takes to complete the action, including tips to facilitate accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Two weeks before returning to work, provide your supervisor and the Medical Center Leave Management Department with a return-to-work note.
  2. If you have been off work for more than two weeks for a non-industrial health condition or for more than three days for a work related health condition, you must receive a return to work clearance from Occupational Health Services. Please call 415/885-7580 to schedule a return-to-work clearance appointment.
  3. If you are returning to work with medical restrictions, please ensure that you have obtained documentation from your health care provider that clearly outlines the work restrictions and the duration of the restrictions. Providing this information prior to your return will help your department and Human Resources work with you to assess any reasonable accommodations and/or modified duty assignments that may be available.
  4. Return to work as scheduled.
  5. If you need to alter HBS timesheets, complete HBS Timesheet Change Request form and forward to your Supervisor.
  6. Complete the UPAY 850 form sent from the Leave Management Department in order to re-enroll in benefits. Send the completed form back to Payroll.


  • It is your responsibility to notify your supervisor and/or the Medical Center Leave Management Department in advance if your return date changes.
  • If medical documentation is required for the return process, you must provide this documentation on or before the date you return to work.

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