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A brief overview of the process to complete the action.

MSP physicians and MSP dentists are staff employees who must also hold concomitant academic without salary (WOS) appointments. MSP physicians are hired to temporarily meet a clinical need that cannot currently be met by faculty. MSP dentists are hired primarily as either clinic administrators or to provide patient care and have limited teaching responsibilities.

In general:

  • MSP physician appointments are granted for up to a 12-month period and must be pre-approved prior to being renewed.
  • MSP dentist appointees hired as clinic administrators at 50 percent time or more require open searches; MSP dentists hired as patient care providers are hired at 50 percent time or less. All MSP dentists who are greater than 50 percent time may not have outside clinical practice earnings.
  • Begin and end dates may not exceed the appointment begin and end dates of the concomitant WOS academic appointment.
  • MSP physicians and MSP dentists cannot engage in research; if the position has any research duties then it should be an academic appointment.
  • MSP physicians and MSP dentists must have a California Medical/Dental license.
  • Typically, all MSP physicians and MSP dentists who are practitioners are not intended to hold appointments greater than 50 percent (exception requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may be granted).

Relevant UC and local policies or collective bargaining agreements.


Forms used in completing the action.

docx Job Description/Employee Requisition Form (JD/ERF)

Detailed guidance about the steps Employee takes to complete the action, including tips to facilitate accuracy and efficiency.

These are the steps for when you are offered a position as an MSP physician or dentist:

  1. Provide requested materials (CV, completed Resume Supplement/Conviction History Form, copy of California Medical/Dental License, etc.)
  2. When requested, provide names and contact information for reference checks to the hiring manager.
  3. When prompted, collaborate with the UCSF Medical Staff Office, department, and Dean's Office on the academic credentialing process, which must be completed prior to participation in clinical care.
  4. Once hired:
    1. Attend onboarding orientation and, if applicable, the New Hire Benefits Orientation
    2. Obtain ID badge
    3. Take HIPAA training
    4. Take ethics training
  5. You may begin work as assigned once you’ve attended an onboarding session, your privileges are active, and you have been credentialed.
  6. Work with the department to understand job expectations, local policies, procedures and guidelines, time reporting requirements, etc.
  7. Record and submit time records in a timely manner.

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