The new HR Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) is effective July 1, 2014. We look forward to partnering with customers to achieve the service metrics outlined in the SPA and want to highlight a few important points about the SPA:

  • The SPA is a shared agreement between UCSF Human Resources and departments about services provided, turnaround times for common, measurable actions, and expectations for partnership between departments and HR to facilitate excellent HR service delivery.
  • The SPA was developed by staff and academic subcommittees of the HR Advisory Board, which were composed of both customer and HR representatives. The recommended metrics and process improvements were reviewed and approved by the HR Advisory Board in January.
  • We have already made considerable progress on process improvements that will help us meet the SPA and look forward to sharing further updates. Read more about the progress in the table here.
  • We are developing reports to provide performance data so we can understand where we are meeting the SPA, where we might be falling short, and where we are exceeding it. We look forward to sharing these tools as they become available and using them to help us work together to meet our objectives.

UCSF HR is working hard to meet the new metrics and welcomes the opportunity to continue building a strong partnership with our customers as we implement the new SPA. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact one of us or your service center director with any questions about the new SPA.

Cynthia Lynch Leathers, Jenny Schreiber, and Mike Tyburski