The UCSF campus workers’ compensation rate will decrease again for the coming fiscal year .62 to .61/$100 of payroll plus .05 for the Be Smart about Safety program, which translates to an estimated savings of about $1.08 million for the campus. For the fourth consecutive year, UCSF’s rate is the second lowest in the UC system, with only UC Irvine having a lower rate. The rate reduction resulted from a combination of factors including:

  1. The loss rate, and decreased severity of claims and claim frequency;
  2. Our strong partnerships with Environmental Health and Safety, Sedgwick, and Occupational Health Services; and
  3. The work of our managers and supervisors in providing workplace accommodations to allow employees to return to work on a restricted and/or reduced schedule basis.

Call to Action

Managers and supervisors have an active and sustained role in workplace safety measures. Managers and supervisors should:

  • Support and bring awareness to hazards in the workplace and work with EH&S to mitigate existing and/or new hazards. 
  • Encourage new employees to complete the online ergonomics evaluation, and for those employees who may continue to work remotely longer term as a result of COVID-19 recommend that they visit the Ergonomics site to learn more about how to make at home adjustments to work areas to avoid possible injury:
  • Ensure employees take required safety trainings and use required personal protective equipment.
  • Continue to accommodate temporary and permanent work restrictions to facilitate return to work.

In light of the current pandemic, UCSF campus and health are actively working together to develop additional remote work guidelines.

Disability Management Services (DMS) will continue to actively partner with you to manage and mitigate risk and to implement workplace accommodations.