HR Monthly Reports, frequently used by managers/people leaders to audit employee and affiliate records, anticipate management actions that may be needed, and feed local systems are now available online as of June 1, 2020.

Refer to this PeopleConnect Knowledge Article for guidance on how to access and use the HR Monthly Reports, including helpful screenshots to orient users to the more modern interface.  

Several benefits are available to users in the online version:

  • More frequently refreshed data - beginning this month, HRIS will ramp up to a daily refresh
  • A department filtering tool allowing users to sort information by specific department if they prefer
  • Ability to export to excel
  • Reports use MyAccess login and will be available on the MyAccess portal and PeopleConnect

Manager Action

  • Review the PeopleConnect Article to familiarize yourself with the online reports
  • Review this information regularly; HR Monthly reports are an important tool to assist in tracking and managing appointment/funding end dates of your employee population