On May 7, we shared information about updates coming to HR Monthly Reports when UCPath goes live on June 1. These reports are used by managers/people leaders to audit employee and affiliate records, help anticipate needed management actions, and to feed local systems.

Key changes we shared are:

  • Effective June 1, HR Monthly Reports will be available online and no longer sent by email each month.
    • Managers/people leaders will own review of the information in their specific reports.
  • These reports will initially be available to all recipients of the HR Monthly Reports.
  • An access admin module is included allowing users to add/remove access (within a user’s span of control) to department reports.
  • Online data will be refreshed more frequently versus once a month as it is today
  • Reports will be modified to accommodate new data from UCPath and this will change how appointments need to be managed by managers/people leaders at UCSF.

Next Steps:

  • On June 1 Luke Hones will email the URL to current report recipients. Follow this link to the new reports.
  • The online reports offer several benefits not available in the email version:
    • More frequent refresh of data.
    • A department filtering tool (email reports combined all departments together).
    • A flexible export to excel function.
    • The reports use the MyAccess login and will be available on the MyAccess portal and PeopleConnect.

Below is a screenshot example of how the reports will render once online.


Action Needed

It’s important for managers/people leaders to review this information regularly. HR Monthly reports are an important tool to assist in tracking and managing appointment/funding end dates of your employee population. Keep in mind:

  • All Staff Limited, Staff Contract, Per Diem, GSRs, and Tutors will be automatically terminated after the expected end date if the appointment is not extended.
  • All other academic appointments with expected end dates will continue to be paid beyond their expected end date unless the appointment is terminated with a PeopleConnect Management Actions (PCMA) request from the department.
  • It is the department’s responsibility to submit PCMA cases to renew or terminate appointments.
  • All employees will continue to be paid beyond the funding end date. Expired funding lines will cause salary to be applied to department default funding if not updated by the funding entry initiator in UCPath by payroll deadline.

A new job aid, Tools for Monitoring UCPath End Dates, describes the impacts of expired appointment and funding end dates in UCPath. It highlights data available in the HR Monthly Reports, as well as in MyReports, to help departments manage end dates and take action when required.