The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce Chrystyne Rayrao as the 2019 UCSF HR Employee of the Year!

Chrystyne was chosen by the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Selection Committee from the Employee of the Month recipients selected between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

Chrystyne was nominated for her professionalism, good work ethics, outstanding customer service skills, and for being a great colleague. Read below to learn more about Chrystyne.

Name: Chrystyne Rayrao
Job Title: HR Postdoc Generalist
HR Team/Work Unit: Postdoctoral Shared Services

Why Nominated:

During 2019, Chrystyne received the UCSF HR Employee of the Month award for two months in a row! Chrystyne was nominated for her dedication to her clients and to the UCSF HR organization:

  • One of the monthly awards was due to one of her client departments having a sudden high increase of new hires, which meant a high volume of personnel actions such as visas and visa amendments. The client shared that Chrystyne “has been nothing but outstanding and turnaround time has been excellent. Chrystyne is knowledgeable and resourceful, and her clients and teammates truly appreciate the effort she brings to the table.”
  • Chrystyne also received a UCSF HR Employee of the Month award for her teamwork when she provided support while a colleague was out of the office. The nominator shared that “Chrystyne continuously promotes a positive and helpful attitude, takes ownership while covering for a colleague, and maintains her own work while meeting Service Partnership Agreement timelines and Customer Service excellence. Additionally, Chryss identified several time sensitive actions that needed immediate attention and took the initiative to execute them on behalf of her colleague.”

Feedback about Chrystyne:

  • “Chryss models what teamwork means in providing coverage support to a colleague while on an extended leave of absence. I am appreciative of her "can do” attitude.”
  • “Her resourcefulness and ability to provide guidance has been outstanding.”

What does Chrystyne enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy working with children and families outside of work sharing my time with my kids. It is important for me to give back to my community. I also support under privileged children who are playing sports for our community and their families. For example, assisting them with paying for their sport fees, snack for the kids and providing drinks, such as water and gatorade during games. I also love sports: basketball, football, baseball, and soccer, and when able to attend games I support our Bay Area teams.”

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