Dear Colleagues,

In October, UCSF Human Resources invited you to take a Campus HR Customer Satisfaction Survey. Below are the latest results for this fiscal year, incorporating your feedback, and the year-over-year customer satisfaction results. We survey different, representative, groups of HR customers quarterly to give us feedback on our customer service. While there are opportunities for improvement, I am proud that our HR staff continually receives positive feedback. Keep in mind that the FY20 YTD (year to date) column represents the data collected thus far in our current fiscal year as compared to previous full fiscal year data.


Using your feedback…

Making it easy for our clients to work with us is important and we continually look for ways to improve that experience. We appreciate the time you invest in providing your feedback on where to focus our improvement efforts. Many of our current and recently completed initiatives derive from what we learn through these surveys. Below are some examples:

Staff Classification and Compensation process launch…

On December 9, HR launched two new Staff Recruitment types for the campus community: Straight Replacement and New Position, Like Job. These new recruitment types reduce instances of classifying the same or like jobs multiple times, standardize workflow, and clarify roles and responsibilities. We expect this to improve the customer experience when hiring replacement positions and like jobs and improve Service Partnership Agreement (SPA) turnaround times.

Talent Acquisition Transforms…

Talent Acquisition recently transformed the service model and team structure to help hiring leaders fill open roles with top tier talent more quickly. The team created recruiting roles focused on specific types of positions to provide more specialized and robust support to clients. We have also invested in additional professional development of our recruiters. The entire team recently completed Elite Recruiter Training, an eleven-week course to strengthen acumen in developing the talent pipeline, search strategies, time management, effective candidate management, and consultative recruiting.

Improving the Leave Administration process…

We’ve heard the feedback on the need to improve the leave process and as part of our HR Roadmap, we have been evaluating whether we have the right technology and service delivery model to support the leave administration process. HR has developed tools and resources for our internal teams and clients, expanded the use of automated leave tools, and now is creating additional training to support employees and their managers to navigate the leave process.

Going forward, we’ll continue to conduct these surveys with different customers throughout the year, and will keep customers informed of our progress. If at any time you’d like to provide additional feedback or comments, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you,

Jenny Schreiber
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources

This survey is part of the UCSF Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) customer Satisfaction index program. For more information, see below.

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