Recently, the Campus Staff Talent Acquisition (TA) team completed the Certified Recruiter Program with Lean Human Capital (LHC). This program – the gold standard in our industry – develops “Elite” recruiters based on nationwide comparisons with similar organizations.  We are pleased to report that all of the Talent Acquisition team members who took this course passed with flying colors and received their certifications. Team members have incorporated this training into their daily work, and we will continue to track the impact of this on our performance. 


More about the training. Training began at the Talent Acquisition retreat in July and continued for 11 weeks. Topics covered included talent pipeline development, search strategies, time management, effective candidate management, and developing consultative relationships with customers. Important features of consultative relationships include structured intake meetings and “rounding” – a concept drawn from physicians’ rounds, in which recruiters actively check in with their hiring managers regarding business needs, progress on current searches, and planning for future searches. 


Benefits to Talent Acquisition and Customers. Investing in this professional development positions the Talent Acquisition team to address key challenges in our practice: high requisition loads, a tight labor market, technological disruption, and different generational expectations of job seekers.

Specifically, with the addition of our new team members, we are moving from 100+ job requisitions per recruiter to approximately 50 requisitions per recruiter. We expect this to decrease the time-to-fill for most positions, and to improve recruiters’ ability to develop relationships with hiring managers in their portfolios. To meet the twin challenges of a tight labor market and technological disruption, TA recruiters now use passive sourcing strategies via LinkedIn and other tools, proactively searching for employed candidates and sharing with them UCSF’s unique value proposition. Looking ahead to future projects, the TA team will be developing new employment marketing materials that showcase UCSF’s unique niche in our region and beyond. This effort is expected to refresh UCSF’s appeal for early career candidates.


Coming up. In the next few weeks Talent Acquisition will release another HMART survey (Hiring Manager Assessment of the Recruitment Team).  This is your opportunity to provide targeted feedback on the TA team’s performance, which we will use to further refine our services.   

We are excited about the ongoing transformations in Talent Acquisition and our improved capacity to meet our customers’ needs as trusted business partners. Please join me in congratulating the recruitment team for their commitment to become elite in their field! 


Questions? Contact… Jessica Blair-Driessler, Manager, Talent Acquisition