UCSF has revised UCSF Administrative Policy 150-27: UCSF Policy on Violence and Bullying, effective November 1, 2019. The revision adds language to define and prohibit bullying and abusive conduct as currently outlined in UC President Janet Napolitano’s Guidance on Staff Abusive Conduct and Bullying as well as in California Assembly Bill 2053. The revised policy also clarifies where to report violence, bullying, and abusive conduct.

The revised policy aligns with and reinforces existing expectations as set forth in the Faculty Code of Conduct, the UCSF PRIDE Values, and the UCSF Principles of Community. Additionally, the revision codifies UCSF’s practice of applying the policy to and protecting all members of the UCSF community, including but not limited to employees, faculty/non-faculty academics, staff, volunteers, and learners. The revised policy is intended to make existing expectations around violence and bullying clear and strengthen accountability related to bullying and workplace violence. The updated policy also includes information on the proper reporting procedure for all members of the UCSF community. The UCSF community was invited to provide comments on the revised policy in May 2019, and feedback has been incorporated.