We are pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR SPOT Award, Michelle Lam and Mindy Lee. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UCSF HR organization!

This is a teamwork-oriented SPOT award for Michelle and Mindy, who successfully co-planned, managed and executed two complex staff renewal processes and timelines: one for MSP Physicians and one for non-MSP staff.  They each collaborated with team members and coordinated with the Academic HR team and the HR Transaction Unit. As a result, they helped ensure that MSP Physicians did not experience appointment lapses that could include loss of system access with potentially devastating impacts on patient care.  Their attention to detail and timeliness in processing renewals ensured that departments did not experience disruption to critical business or operations. Read further to learn more about Michelle’s and Mindy’s contributions.

Michelle Lam, HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Michelle manages HR Generalist duties for all departments in the School of Pharmacy and approximately half all MSP Physicians in departments campus-wide.

Michelle demonstrates PRIDE Values with her professionalism and excellence, dependability, and high-level work ethic. Michelle applied her previous experience and knowledge to ensure flawless execution of renewals for both MSP and non-MSP staff. One example: Michelle consolidated multiple spreadsheets into one to simplify work for the Shared Services team and the Transaction Services Unit. In addition, Michelle contributed to a reduction of more than 50% in required access extensions for appointments needing further vetting with departments.

A little about Michelle:

What did you find particularly interesting about the MSP and non-MSP renewals process that members of the UCSF HR organization may not be aware of? One of the projects that I am currently working on is getting the MSP Physician population into HBS in preparation for UC Path. A lot of people may not be aware that we have been working on this project for close to a year now. The team has put in a lot of hard work on collecting data and informing the departments of this change. It is set to roll out very soon, in just a few weeks, and we are all very excited to see the change for MSP Physicians to use HBS for their timekeeping.  

What is the most important trait you bring to your job? I try to bring positivity into my job. When it is a busy time or when we are putting out fires, having that positive attitude with your co-workers and clients can make all the difference.


Mindy Lee, HR Generalist, Staff Shared Services

Reason: Mindy serves as HR Generalist for the Department of Pediatrics and approximately half of all MSP Physicians in departments campus-wide.

Mindy’s leadership during the renewals process was exemplified by her communication with colleagues in Academic HR on how best to address changes to the Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP) appointments, among other issues. Mindy embodies PRIDE Values with her professionalism, integrity and excellence.  Her collaboration and perfectly coordinated teamwork with Michelle, coupled with her technical expertise, contributed to successful team outcomes during the staff renewals process.

A little about Mindy:

What is one word you would use to describe your team? Supportive.  My team members are encouraging, collaborative and caring. I very much appreciate that when work gets stressful.

What are you passionate about outside of work? Food. I love eating it, talking about it and daydreaming about it.  Once in a while, I will even cook it.