Following the July 15, 2019, announcement of the 2019-20 Academic Salary Program, HR Shared Services will be implementing the range adjustments for HSCP and FY Faculty (effective 10/1/19) in the next several weeks. Our goal is to have all faculty paid at the correct salary rate for the November 1, 2019 paydate. 

Salary rates for eligible faculty will be automatically updated using a batch process except for above-scale and recall faculty. The batch process will update the salary rate to match the new salary scale. Any exceptions or batch fallouts will be adjusted separately.

Health Sciences Compensation Faculty (HSCP)

HR Shared Services will be contacting departments to determine how the range adjustment will be implemented.

Options for the "Y" component once the salary scale ("X") is adjusted are:

  • “Reduce Y” will offset increase to base salary (“X”) and keep FY20 total comp unchanged. If salary is at scale (i.e., no Y component) or the faculty member has an insufficient Y to cover the increase to salary scale), the salary will be increased to the new scale rate.
  • “Keep Y the same” will increase the faculty member’s FY20 total comp.

MPM will have a blackout period from October 1st – October 7th for HR Shared Services to batch process and upload the range adjustments for all in-scope HSCP eligible faculty. If departments have changes that need to be submitted in the MPM, please contact your Academic Generalist.

Departments will need to complete and submit the range-adjusted faculty salary calculator (FSC) worksheet, via PeopleConnect Management Action for all out-of-scope and ineligible faculty.

FY Faculty

OLPPS will have a blackout period on October 14th for Payroll to run a series of batch processes for FY-faculty. This means no EDB entry/update (including MPM uploads) should be conducted during this time for this population.

Non-Faculty Academics (NFA)

For non-represented NFAs, range adjustments have already been processed for this population with an effective date of July 1, 2019 for exempt employees and July 14, 2019 for non-exempt employees. 

Current salary scales and the FSC worksheet are on the Vice Provost Academic Affairs website.