The University has announced the 2019-20 salary program for academics. Academic HR will be communicating directly with departments on implementation strategy and processing deadlines.   


UC President Napolitano has announced year two of an academic salary program that focuses on rebuilding competitive salaries for faculty and other non-represented academic appointees via focused investments in the salary scales. This multi-year program is designed to reduce the salary gap with the Comparison 8 peer institutions and to provide competitive and equitable salaries. 

Because the 2019-20 program is particularly complex, here is a summary of a few key points from President Napolitano’s announcement:

FACULTY:  The scales will increase by the general range adjustment of three percent and an additional special targeted one percent for a total annual rate of four percent to the scales. Due to the complexity involved with faculty salaries, the effective date will be October 1, 2019. So that faculty are not negatively affected by the October 1 implementation date, the scale rates will be set higher to provide an annual four percent adjustment over nine months.  Of note, because all scale adjustments are subject to rounding and smoothing between steps, the exact percent increases may differ slightly.

NON-FACULTY ACADEMICS:  For other non-represented academic personnel, salary scales will increase by the general range adjustment of three percent. The effective date will be July 1, 2019.

Consistent with previous salary programs, we anticipate relatively little, or no, increase in funds from the State to support the 2019-20 academic salary program. 


Salary Scale Adjustment[1]

HSCP Faculty:  Effective October 1, 2019, Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) faculty will have their scale-based salary (X and X’; covered compensation) adjusted upward consistent with the published academic salary scales.  The covered compensation for eligible faculty must meet the minimum required on the Academic Salary Scales for their rank/step and APU effective October 1, 2019. 

  • Please note that an increase in covered compensation does not necessarily mean that the total negotiated annual salary rate will increase. Any additional adjustment to the negotiated (“Y”) portion of the salary will be determined by the terms of the relevant Department or School’s HSCP implementation plan and should be applied consistently to all faculty within a Department. 
  • In the event that faculty do not have a negotiated salary component (Y), and receive only covered compensation, then the increase will be reflected as a total salary increase effective October 1, 2019.  

Non-HSCP Faculty:  Effective October 1, 2019, non-HSCP faculty will have their salary adjusted upward consistent with the published academic salary scales (scale 0 for their rank/step).

Non-faculty academics: 

The salary scales for the following populations of academic appointees will be increased by 3% (the precise amount will vary due to rounding) effective July 1, 2019: non-represented Professional Research series, non-represented Specialist series, Academic Administrators, Academic Coordinators. 

It is important to note that the majority of appointees in the Professional Research series and Specialists series at UCSF are now represented by the UAW. As such, the salary scales for represented Professional Research appointees and represented Specialist appointees will not be adjusted at this time, consistent with the eligibility requirements noted below.


Academic employees who are exclusively represented by a collective bargaining contract are not covered under the 2019 salary scale adjustments; their salary is set by the terms of their contracts. 

General Information 

Detailed instructions to assist in determining eligibility for specific academic populations, and the mechanism for processing the increases, will be provided to the Departments by Academic HR Shared Services.  These instructions will also be posted on the UCSF Academic Affairs website.

[1] Note:  Salary scales will be published on the UCOP Academic Personnel website as they become available.