The FY20 Salary Ranges for policy-covered UCSF employees have been approved and are effective July 1, 2019. Key changes are as follows:

  • An increase of 2.5% to the salary range midpoint
  • An approximate 9-21% increase to the salary range minimum
  • No changes for the salary range maximums
    • With the exceptions of a 2% reduction for grade 15 and a 4% reduction for grade 16
      • Currently, there are no UCSF employees in grade 15

All employee salaries must fall within the FY20 salary ranges. Employees who fall below the salary range minimums will have their salaries increased to the minimum. HR will contact departments with next steps. 

Employees above the salary range maximum are ineligible for merit and equity increases to their base salary. Employees who are above the range maximum or would be above the range maximum with a merit increase can be submitted for a retirement-eligible lump sum payment in lieu of an increase to base salary. All lump sum merit increase payments must be approved by UC Office of the President which may delay payment to the employee.

Please contact your HR Generalist with any questions.