We are pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR SPOT Award. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the UCSF HR organization!

Kellie Beale, Manager, Compensation

Reason: Kellie Beale was nominated for the amazing job she did developing a three-part Compensation training program for UCSF HR Managers, a topic on which there had been no previous training.  Examining this gap in our training, Kellie identified the most relevant and useful tools and knowledge for our HR Managers, and then created a three-part series to deliver that content. This included compensation background/concepts, policy and process information on Merits, Equities, Strategic Rewards programs, FLSA, classification, and creating job descriptions, etc. The trainings were well attended, and the majority of participants regularly responded that 50% - 75% of the content was new to them. This means that Kellie’s training is making a large impact on the HR Managers who now better understand the tools, processes and terminology for themselves, and are equipped to hold more meaningful and impactful conversations with their direct reports, colleagues and clients.  Kellie has also been contextualizing the content for our department managers, increasing the impact of her great contribution!

A little about Kellie:

What did you find particularly interesting about developing the Compensation Training that members of the UCSF HR organization may not be aware of?

I enjoyed working with the HR management team since my schedule does not always give me the interaction time with other HR team members.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now? Partnering with the Aon Consultants to improve the compensation processes.

Laura Dillon, Principal Disability Analyst, Disability Management Services (DMS)

Reason: Laura was nominated for demonstrating exemplary customer service. She has a record of ingenuity in identifying workplace accommodations, she is very resourceful in moving parties toward resolution, she is respectful in her interactions, and thoughtful in considering all requests. Following is feedback regarding Laura’s guidance in navigating workplace accommodations:

“Six years ago I received a devastating diagnosis. No one seemed to understand the dilemmas that arise in trying to imagine—and implement—accommodations to allow me to contribute what I knew I could still do in my workplace.

Whenever I came for help, Laura seemed to have a creative solution to any problem—always based on the assumption that I am worthwhile despite the disabilities, that inclusion with the abled workforce is my right (within certain limits). THANK YOU for being the masterful ‘Principle Disability Analyst’—read: super-smart, principled, caring human being—that you are.”

A little about Laura:

  • What is one important skill that each person should have? Empathy.
  • What is one word you would use to describe your team? Motley.

Kattie Dinh, Academic Affairs Specialist, Vice Provost Academic Affairs (VPAA)

Reason: Kattie was nominated for the exemplary service she provided throughout a stewardship review.  The Stewardship Review process for campus leaders is exhaustive, time-intensive (taking 15+ months), sensitive, high profile, and deeply impactful with nearly every review resulting in some changes to the strategic direction of the unit.  This review process requires review of, sometimes, hundreds of documents and interviews between the stewardship and committee and 25 – 35 members of the unit, campus leaders, and peers, which can make it very challenging to balance the schedule of so many. 

Her nominator notes that: “Kattie was the academic affairs specialist assigned to staff my 5-year Chair stewardship review, and she was highly professional and helpful. She did a wonderful job organizing a large number of meetings / interviews for this process and responded to questions I had along the way. When I had an unexpected emergency arise, she worked to reschedule a key meeting on very short notice. We are fortunate to have such excellent staff to help with these reviews.”

Throughout, Kattie embodied UCSF’s PRIDE values while making this very impactful contribution.

A little about Kattie:

What are you passionate about? Being an advocate for my special needs child. I am his voice and I’m not afraid to use it.

What great piece of advice do you like to share with others? Life is short, don’t sweat the little things.

Aron Lewis, HR Projects Specialist, Staff Shared Services and Compensation

Reason: Aron was nominated for her continued work on reporting for Staff Shared Services – specifically regarding a report she rolled out this year for managers and leads that allows them to see PeopleConnect management action cases that have not been updated in 10+ days. Staff Shared Services leadership can now:

  • Quickly target these cases to review and discuss with their teams
  • Use these reports to understand workload volume and trends
  • Use the reports in 1:1 meetings to identify and resolve issues, improve case documentation and discuss reasons around the case’s delay

Reporting was not a priority I had for Aron this year or last year. This is something that she took the initiative on herself, rolled out and continues to refine. We constantly talk about our managers being fire fighters and this 10+ day report is a step forward on us having the information we need to be proactive rather than reactive. Aron has spent 1:1 time with staff managers and leads to get feedback on improving the report and answering users’ questions. Aron’s work on this project exemplifies the Chancellor's Priority for Continuous Learning and the Pride Value of Excellence.

A little about Aron:

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about making the workplace an effective, equitable, safe, and fun environment.  In today’s world, we spend a lot of time interacting with “work folks” whether virtually or in person.  An environment that holds everyone accountable, encourages creativity, and allows room for continuous learning pushes me to excel.  I want to contribute to building that environment for those around me.

What is one word you would use to describe your team? Resilient! Through continuous change (whether it be legal, contractual, technological, or structural) the Compensation & Staff Shared Services teams continue to have a focus on supporting our clients as they are going through these changes with us.  These teams, that I have been so blessed to be a part of, continue to face change head on!