The UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program Selection Committee is pleased to announce the most recent recipients of the UCSF HR Employee of the Month Award: Cecilia Carino and Loraine Cadiente! Congratulations Cecilia and Loraine! In addition to recognition, both recipients will receive a certificate and a $50 gift card.

Loraine R. Cadiente, Payroll Analyst 3, HR Transaction Group

Reason:  Loraine was nominated for outstanding customer service, being a great colleague, and having good work ethics. Here is a comment from Loraine’s nomination:

Loraine helped me resolve a very complicated and messy overpayment issue. An employee was out on pregnancy leave and was overpaid by over a month due to her timesheet being incorrectly coded, which was an oversight on my part. I contacted Loraine and she went the extra mile to assist me with this issue. Loraine is professional, always willing to help, thorough in all her work and just a stellar UCSF employee. I truly enjoy working with Loraine.

What does Loraine enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time with my family, going on road trips, and making memories.

Cecilia Carino, Team Lead, HR Business Services

Reason: Cecilia was nominated for being a great colleague and having good work ethics. Here is a comment from Cecilia’s nomination:

Cecilia has demonstrated teamwork and dedication while covering for additional work because of vacancies. She identifies key responsibilities that needed to be picked up in order to maintain the same level of customer service and volunteered to take on majority of the extra workload. One of the main tasks was payment processing. In assessing recent workload gaps, it was determined there were unpaid invoices still to be processed. The delinquent accounts could have resulted in complete work stoppage in HR if the vendor shut down their systems. Cecilia worked tirelessly to coordinate with AP, vendor AR, and various internal controls to ensure payments were submitted and processed expediently. She not only did that for her own team but also for another unit with key vacancies that left a gap in vendor payments. She is generous with sharing her knowledge, teaching her direct reports and colleagues about the correct process and best practices to achieve the best results. I believe that Cecilia models the characteristics of PRIDE and is well deserving to be considered an Employee of the Month.

What does Cecilia enjoy doing outside of work?

At the moment, I enjoy spending outdoors with my 1 year old son. We go to different parks to play ball and enjoy the playgrounds. It is amazing to his reaction to the simplest things surrounding him, most especially when the wind blows on his face. Priceless.

About the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program

The next Employee of the Month deadline is July 17. The Employee of the Month Award (MyAccess login required), created to recognize excellence and effort among UCSF HR employees, is a peer-nominated award and presented to two UCSF HR employees per month. Learn more about the UCSF HR Employee Recognition Program here (MyAccess login required).

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